SURVIVING FALLING ROCKS THROWN Jumping Through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes! 1 day ago   13:57

Chad Wild Clay

After Chad Wild Clay made DONT Push the Wrong Mystery Box into Pool Water - Project Zorgo Hacker Challenge, Vy Qwaint created LAST TO SINK On SHIP WINS $10,000 IN NINJA GADGETS (SPY NINJA TRAINING), and Daniel uploaded HELP ME SMASH My FRIEND'S iPHONE on the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, our new friend and soon member of CWC crew, PZ4 hacker girl, needed Spy Ninja Training so we did swimming pool water activities and mystery box challenges. To be prepared for adventures, we set up mystery boxes; all abandoned, except for one where Vy, Daniel, hacker girl PZ4, and Chad went hiding in. We solve riddles and clues to reveal who is trapped or pushed into the swimming pool! After we went exploring the secret underground hidden passageway tunnels in real life, Vy found a mystery clue inside a water bottle revealing the location of wise man, H2Bro, the missing brother of Sensei and Thrill Master. We climb the world's tallest mountain to find him. I hope we don't get trapped on the mountain for a 24 hour overnight challenge at 3am! Even after the lie detector test, we have to see if PZ4 is telling the truth and capable of going on this spy ninja adventure! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Chad Wild Clay
Happy Saturday Spy Ninjas! Please keep an eye out for hackers and clues! After the video, play our NEW GAME
Ellie-Rae Maynard
It’s H2BRO
Salama Graiban
These hackers are so blind
Salama Graiban
I saw the old man with a hacker
Salama Graiban
Is this a new video
Tamuna Kevlishvili
i would be scared for my life and i would just stay stilland cry for help
Ashlee Pelicano
There is a hacker there be careful spy ninjas
Freya Warner
The have made spi Nigeria network
Jose Perez
your cool
beast mode
Chad I saw him it wasn’t a marouge
Amelia Thompson
I have the spy ninga network
Amelia Thompson
Yea I did see it
Jessica Jimenez
Marian Figueroa
In the video there was a hacker behind you😦😦😦🙀
Chloe’s Toy review
I send it
Chloe’s Toy review
Hi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kara McDonald
at 5:50 there are hackers in the background
devante 9999
It's h2bro omg
devante 9999
Faisal Aziz
I have the invisible ink pen but it is blue an it has a black light it is blue too
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Jumping Through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes! SURVIVING FALLING ROCKS THROWN 1 day ago   17:32

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Its 10 million members save an average of $28.61 on stores like Amazon, Sephora, and Overstock. Thanks Honey for sponsoring today’s video! Now Stephen and his twin like sister Grace Sharer can continue on their family friendly challenges and bring out the backyard trampoline and try to jump through impossible shapes by doing stunt jumps through crazy shapes. You saw in Stephens last vlog Spin The MYSTERY Wheel & DOING Whatever It Lands On (Game Master Prank) thats when Steven and Grace got the idea to turn their trampoline tricks into a backyard game master spy gadget challenge and learn how to jump through shapes. Some of the spy gadget shapes include a listening device, ninja gadgets and even binoculars for the top secret spy missions they went on! This #GameMaster training should help the Sharer Family defeat the PZ Member for good!

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