🇹🇭 Thailand to free Bahraini Hakeem al-Araibi arrives home 2 days ago   01:37

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Thailand will free a Bahraini footballer, arrested more than two months ago after Bahrain abandoned its bid to seek his extradition, a prosecutor in the case has said.

Monday's decision comes after the 25-year-old footballer Hakeem al-Araibi was jailed for weeks in Bangkok's Klong Prem Remand Prison.

Bahrain wanted him returned to serve a 10-year prison sentence he received in absentia in 2014 for an arson attack that damaged a police station. Al-Araibi denies those charges.

Al-Araibi, who fled Bahrain in 2014 and received refugee status in Australia, was arrested in November at a Bangkok airport while on his honeymoon following an Interpol notice issued at Bahrain's request.

Al Jazeera's Wayne Hay reports from Bangkok.

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the face
Australia is only home for the Indigenous people there-not Anglos , Arab's or anyone else-!!
Kevin Tiger
Love Thailand Love Thai 😄😁😁
Nattapol Phorueng
Do any movement from Aussie government after "AUSSIE'S INTERPOL WAS SEND RED ARREST" to Thailand?
this conflict is between AUS and Bahrain that's was happen in Thailand by intentionally or not, I don't know.
because when the person got red flag arrest, he/she cannot even got VISA or even pass through departure immigration. but why he can pass AUSSIE IMMIGRATION!!!
no one still not answer this question.
I didn't saw any news from Australia, whom try to talk with Bahrain "if Hakeem is really represent as Australia people" Aussie should should talk with Bahrain not offense to Thailand
Thailand were did in the rule as every nation should did,
Thailand had agreement with Interpol and did it, after Hakeem get catch, even Interpol release the red flag but INTERPOL cannot do sanction with Thai law and International agreement of Thailand at all.
what is mistaken from Ausie's interpol and Australia government is, they should something about their mistake, do not try to pressure Thailand government, this is very stupid. and the information was not show in accurate
this make Thailand's Minister of Foreign Affairs going to Bahrain and get meeting then got result "WHAT IS LOVELY AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT AND AUSIE INTERPOL DID?"
Lewaa AlDanaf
Ι wish to the human right committe to watch closer in another cases in arab world thats full of enicent people in Israel and all arab prison to free them like Mr. Hakeem.
Swind Pendulum
I hope Graig Foster will be responsible for his Muslim friend that I am betting will commit criminal actions against Australian society. Check what going in Germany to see the outcome of this stupidity. Imagine Bill Shorten welcoming + 25000 of them on yearly basic. Labor will open the floodgate again.
บักเลียม เกรียน Youtube
Mahbub Dawood
Good job Thailand 🇹🇭
Youssef Camara
Citizens from certain Arab countries should definitely avoid Thailand. Until at least a government that is accountable to people of Thailand and the international community is elected. This corrupt military government should not be trusted at all. They are in bed with the worst evils of thirds worlds dictatorship.
jerome bounlapha
so happy for you r free now back home Austria to see your family god bless you ..thailand is dictatorship army for the past 5yrs
Bahrain is a Zionist Americunt Vassal State they host the US Fifth Fleet in the Gulf.
Chsse Chen
Remember that girls that cause some much outrage in some folks and now is an asylums in Canada and how fast the issues was solved? Where all the outrage for this dude? IS IT BECAUSE HE IS A MAN?HMMMMMMMMMM....
A vandalist receiving a international red notice?..

No wonder the royals of middleeast are so insecure
Belabzioui Younes
قمع ووحشية السلطات التيلاندية
ioan pena
Thailand is so corrupt !!!
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Hakeem al-Araibi arrives home 🇹🇭 Thailand to free Bahraini 2 days ago   01:38

Former Socceroo Craig Foster welcomes home refugee footballer Hakeem al-Araibi at Melbourne airport, where he is greeted by an enthusiastic throng. Al-Araibi was released from prison in Bangkok after a Thai court dropped Bahrain's deportation case that would have sent him back to his native country, where he says he was tortured
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