Tesla Model Y Unveil in 8 minutes 【終於到港】Tesla Model 3內櫳得兩粒掣 最平36萬幾時出到車? 2 days ago   08:27

Elon Musk shows off Tesla's latest electric vehicle aimed directly at the highly-competitive midsize SUV segment.

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Comments 383 Comments

Suzana Steele-Clark
Could we really we see an electric car that has 700 miles per charge or 700 mpg
Say in 2O28-2O33
Shame that in the UK these are way more expensive than most cars
Max Power
All hail our alien overlord!
Slam Down
Seriously?? Scan lines in 2019?????? Would only makes sense in a world where all the people interested in the brand new Tesla are watching their content on a CRT monitor hooked to DVD player
Levin Worth
I want the black one with yellow stripes!! Yeah babY!
Bruce Burns
Hardly different to the 3 , and he should start to move on with the styling its getting a bit stale every model looking the same .
Bruce Burns
I can never understand why a car like the model 3 was to be the first and original car with the intention of mass production from the very start , he is still sorting out mass production problems 10 years later , surely there are enough mass production people in the US that could have set the model 3 production up correctly from day one or is Musk the sort of guy who will listen to no one .
Bruce Burns
Why so dark ?????
I HOPE THAT NEXT 5 MODELS WILL GOT NAMES : T , E , S , L , A . ( why name S could use again ? The new S model could be completly diffrent ( or high lifted ) than model actualy existing . The next sequence of letters to use it's N , I , C , O , L , A of course . :D :D :D
is elon musk wouldnt be a greedy cheap jew these cars would sell for 21k each but yeah he a jew no tesla for moi
This is not sexy at all
These are truly the ugliest cars I have ever seen. Love the technology inside of them.
I'm really happy drunk driving will be returning... lol.
weird boi
Richard Albert
i love elon but jesus hes aweful to listen to. worst speaker ever
elon can be the e in sexy
Carter Houtman
He's about the worst public speaker I've ever heard. Oh my god. You literally have a teleprompter in front of you, how are you stuttering so much. Literally just read.
Nintendo Addict
Bring this model Y to the Philippines.
Nintendo Addict
Definitely Elon musk is better than Elizabeth Holmes!
Troy Savary
Elon is the most awkward presenter. That was pure cringe. Now, about the vehicle. That isn't an SUV. It is a hatchback Model 3. Seats 7? As long as the rear seat passengers are 3 feet tall. So only toddlers and gnomes need apply. In 10 years, Tesla will be bankrupt.
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【終於到港】Tesla Model 3內櫳得兩粒掣 最平36萬幾時出到車? Tesla Model Y Unveil in 8 minutes 2 days ago   04:57

Tesla於香港有多受歡迎實在毋須多說,繼Roadster、Model S及Model X之後,平民版電動房車Model 3自從於2016年曝光後,經過一年又一年的等待,廠方宣佈Model 3終於今年正式抵港。Tesla延續其科幻前衞的設計,勢再次燃起車迷對電動車的熱情。

《果籽》 栽種品味,一籽了然。

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