ROBLOX TWIN TELEPATHY Dance The BEST Hiding SPOT! Hide 1 day ago   11:43

Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo and RZ Twin use their twin telepathy and try to win the roblox dance challenge in real life for Game Master training!

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Matt and Rebecca

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In this video Rebecca Zamolo meets up with RZ Twin to test their twin telepathy in a Roblox dance challenge in real life! After Matt and Rebecca competed in a 24 hour overnight challenge at a waterpark Daniel went missing. The Game Master network searched for hidden clues and RZ twin rescued him. The Red Hood hacker is building the super computer at Vidcon and we need to defeat her using our game master training. The twins decide to start twin telepathy with diy slime for round 1 using glue, shaving cream, and activator. For round 2 the best handstand wins as RZ twins tries to recreate Rebecca’s pose. Our last and final round is a Roblox and Fortnite dance challenge. The boys compete against the girls and best twin wins like the Norris Nuts. The GM squad get a message from the Game Master that they must split up to four locations to intercept a computer device. Matt and Daniel go searching inside a pool and at a Starbucks but don’t find anything. Rebecca returns to the GM safehouse and begins to spy on a quadrant hacker. She hides behind a door and sneaks into their pocket to take the device. The Red Hood appears behind Rebecca but RZ Twin rescues her using her twin telepathy. Is it safe for the GM network or was splitting a trap? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Twin Telepathy Challenge

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Rebecca Zamolo
Who watched this Twin telepathy Challenge all the way through without skipping??!
ben truong
Congratulations on winning Matt! :) 💖❤
ben truong
Winners from each round for boys
ben truong
Rebecca:Mixing it up. Mixing it up.
RZ Twin:Mixing it up. Mixing it up.
Me:Why did RT Twin copy what Rebecca said while making slime
Kiera Newman
Kiera Newman
👋😭😭😭😭😭😭 Which one is perfect come on I mean are the twin is 👌
Petra Giles
Justin Castillo
Joseph Rivera
Jay Acey
Is RZ twin work with the game master Network or is she with y'all
Арзу Исмаилова
I have roblox
Maria Lewis
Fialelei Aleaga
Fialelei Aleaga
crazy sis and bro
She fell on the door
Summer’s Nook
Dan and Dan
Summer’s Nook
Yaira Astola
isabel official
Amanda Bradburn
Mat 1
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The BEST Hiding SPOT! Hide ROBLOX TWIN TELEPATHY Dance 1 day ago   12:01

Will the Game Master do a new mask face reveal after he helps us find the best hiding spot in this hide and seek challenge?

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After Rebecca Zamolo played first to survive 48 hours wins game master puzzle box (part 2) Matt and Rebecca uploaded Unboxing Game Master Puzzle Box for Face Reveal! (New Clues to GM Mask) and found the broken mixture. This is looks like when Morgz played don't destroy the expensive items in lava. We needed to replace the mysterious mixture the GM had hidden so we could de-hypnotize RZ Twin. Our cameraman Daniel gave us coordinates to fun box where Rebecca had done an instagram photoshoot and we discovered the Red Hood had hidden the 3 ingredients inside. The gm network decided to break in and sneak around, but the Red hood saw us and it turned into a game of hide and seek in real life. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into an overnight challenge at 3am playing hello neighbor like Sis vs bro. If we had our spy gadgets and ninja gadgets we could find the best hiding spot to turn into a battle royale. Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel had to split up and search for them alone. Could it be in the fortnite room in real life? There are so many hiding spots its hard to figure out which one is best!

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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