Acer's CRAZY Thin RTX Gaming 7X YOUR COOLING – 11 THOUSAND RPM FAN 1 day ago   35:14

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Yawn. After ceasing to watch this hysterical asshat several years ago, i tune n actually thinking i would see info about the Triton 500 - and instead I am again treated to a hysterical 12-year-old asshat - not with a semblance of a presentation organizes - but a hysterical asshat demonstrating that he has NO clue as to how to configure the unit let alone how to game. And while this my a be fun for other 12-year-olds to watch - sort of like the 100 times you hear a fart joke - Linus again proves that he is not ready for primetime as he persists in living in a 14 year's world acting like a hysterical 8-year-old. I keep telling myself that at some point he will grow up and begin to actually present a coherent well planned and prepared presentation - only to be reminded of what I already knew and should have expected - a pubescent asshat going out of his way to counter any coherent insight he MIGHT possess.
But with this, I formally cease watching anything associated with this pubescent clown who presents the equivalent of the same lame fart jokes over and over as he convinces himself that he is actually smart. Sorry asshat, but you are, and remain, a hysterical nerd unable to present a coherent presentation. And it's long past the time where you should have matured past that stage of development.
How many HDD has this Laptop ?
Could you compare noise levels between this laptop and some similar?
This game seems so boring
How to leverage the 144 fps display if it doesn't come with G-Sync ? Is it compatible with FreeSync then ?
I won't buy since our local store sells it for 130,000 php / 2,500 usd for a frikin 2060 variant
robert lee
They killed me in their warm up 🙃
Razer: Hold my beer
protocol- 11359
I like how you find it a good idea to open your map at the apex of millions of sight lines as if, this is a good idea...
Fake Nerd
I assume linus just hasn't consistantly played games in a long time which is why he's bad
Son Lian Mang Ngaihte
Ahmad Nasseri
Can you please unbox upgraded zephyrus gx701 laptop woth 9gen cpu .
Ice Tea
Stop showing good laptops i can't afford 😬
kjell martin olsen
a running fps game.connect a bluetoot or usb keyboard up nxt. better to play on. thats cooler. and fingers dont get pawned. laptop keyboard ws real keyboard. ok in doom 2016 eternal too.RELEASE date. mp doom eternal (h)
Gaming Studio
Make a review on Vulcan dihihuo X6 gaming laptop
Noiselab Project
Dear Linus. It`s nice to see how you have done over the years but please don`t ever sell shares in your company because at that point you will become the enemy as ethics etc will go out of the window as they must for most companies that sells `shares` to mostly greedy people who demand nothing but profit regardless of how those profits were achieved
They re the worst teachers EVER! . 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jay Jove
Hey Linus!! i need that earphone link!!! thanks
jerk chicken
how does this stand up to the 2017 razer for everyday use?
Ryan Caputo
why are they cutting the corners off the bezel I hate that look on laptops
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7X YOUR COOLING – 11 THOUSAND RPM FAN Acer's CRAZY Thin RTX Gaming 1 day ago   08:09

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