France: Homeless Twitter activist 🇺🇸 Slavery reparations become 2 days ago   04:12

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Parisian street person Christian Page uses Twitter and other social media platforms to campaign for the rights of the homeless in France. He's already got thousands of followers and has managed to make improvements and tear down barriers for the homeless.
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Asche Djidoi
Pay-as-you-go phones are much more accessible than getting a traditional plan.
William Fisher
I will be there soon , too County Police killed my husband and I too at 50 don’t feel like starting over
They should come to Bolivia. With 800 euros per month you can get decent food and room
Dee Zimmo
Globalization, the plot to turn the whole planet into a third world country.
yesteryears memoire
He has a smart phone, whose paying for the services? He doesn't look like homeless to me.
Vic Damron
He has a smart phone/service and no place to live. Priorities? Is it society's place/responsibility to protect people from the consequences of their choices?
Promoting homeless people, is like celebrating Islam. Oh, wait! Never mind.
Vernon Hastings
Don't be a drunk...wont be homeless
senhor Porto
these homeless seem all right, but the ones on american streets are violent, meth-addled crazies that shout and defecate in the streets. they have no dignity left, and are utterly vulgar and dangerous.
Kauê Moura
C'est pas comme s'il pouvais pas toucher aux allocations et recommencer sa vie, trouver une nouvelle formation et un nouveau travail. Je dirais qu'il s'agit plutôt d'un résultat de sa santé psychologique et émotionnelle.
Kerry Li
An educated homeless person...he must be an AC⚡️DC fan too.
Instead of providing shelters for the homeless, its government is making their lives even harder by blocking the warm on the streets so that people won't sleep there? There's very inhumane.
M.P. Oliver
Paris; City without a soul.
PussPuss McKitten
Not sure if homeless, or hipster
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🇺🇸 Slavery reparations become France: Homeless Twitter activist 2 days ago   02:19

The idea of making reparations to the ancestors of enslaved people is being actively discussed in the United States.
It has become an issue in the presidential race and now on college campuses.
Al Jazeera's Patty Culhane reports from Washington, DC.

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