Us Parody When Thank U Next by Ariana 2 days ago   19:51

Dante' Willliams
70,000 likes & I will drop another parody!

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This beat was ReProd By DJ Mil Ticket & Jungleboy Beats
Original Song: Lil Durk "No Auto Durk" (G Herbo "Never Cared" Remix)

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aiki jr
I follow you
Mary Staples
Wupt his ass
Jalissa Payton
Thats crazy how this is basically the movie
Mary Staples
That other mommyanna is uuugly she look eight months pregnant 什什什什什什什什
Mary Staples
I saw that toy car blocking the door
Mary Staples
When he used the bathroom he sead u u u uuuuuu
Mary Staples
This dude dead rrrrrrrrrrrr
I like you guys
toinette Thompson
Make a another funny viddddddddddd pleasehhhhhhhhhhhh Oh yea maybe yall don't want to hear this( you don't have to hear if you don't want to you could just skip this part) but my daughter is very sick she keeps throwing up please pray for her丐丐痰丐丐丐丐丐丐之之丐丐之之之丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐丐
Pixels_ pollo
Old Town Road parody plz
jayla Hilliard
Dessarea smith
This is like us the movie than momma is the dad in the movie
Can you make a blue face bleed it parody like if you agree
Martiesha Turner
Martiesha Turner
The intro
Aj's dailylife
Can you make a Old Town Road parody
gacha girls
"you never know when you have to kill somebody that's why a always keep a pack of beans on me"
gacha girls
This is funny af I wish this was the movie
Sargent Cookie
One of the scariest,funiest,dummest things I have ever seen
Jalissa Edwards
lol oh hell na thats that voodoo stuff
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When Thank U Next by Ariana Us Parody 2 days ago   02:08

Been awhile since our last carpool video! now here you go! this time with our baby sister natalia at the back haha! they loves=d ariana's new song thank u next it's currently no.1 in billboard top 100!
so here haha enjoy!


baby sister natalia:

stalk us on ig:

facebook: @ranznandniana
twitter: @ranzkyle & @nianaguerrero

#ThankUNext #ThankYouNext #ranzandniana

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