Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution The Secret Dirty War to Stop Solar 5 months ago   11:43

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)
Germany Trade & Invest presents its short film about Germany’s Renewable Energy Revolution, the so called Energiewende (energy transition).
Voices from science, industry, and politics outline the achievements made so far, next steps, and the opportunities the energy transition offers.

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emamihaela gimpirea
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Jonathan Dixon
Massive failure to get rid of nuclear instead of coal. France has been low carbon for so much longer than Germany, because of nuclear!
Manuel Magro
I just love German Engineering.
Ben Lawrence
Yet some parts of Germany have the highest energy bills with in EU.
Captain Jack
sounds like a bunch of bull
Sebastien PETIT
Germany so green with the shitload of coal energy production !
I don't doubt they try to go for solar, hydro or wind energy, but its been proven that it will not be a viable long term energy production on earth for the consumption that increase every years.
Unless you litteraly cover the country with it.... And that would be soooo "Green"..
Nuclear create radioactives wastes sure... But versus the massive and very aggressive pollution of fossil energy ... Its a no brainer.
OMG that propaganda, whatever Germany use a lot or vert dirty carbon central
matheo kuryszezak
Les centrales a charbon??
David G
I came across some videos of a new technology that sounds like it would solve all these problems and could be the holy grail of power and transportation energy supply. They have a long name but I remember them by the name H2IL They have some interesting videos worth viewing.
It’s not about the “German energy market” but the German government which is subsidizing this madness with 110 Billion Euros while purchasing nuclear power from the French. That’s absolutely hypocritical!!!!
Magyar Áron
Germany failed so hard... They spend so much money, and achieved very little, while they causing huge issues to the electricity network.
Roberts TV
lol.... Greeny revolution has been a major misfire. Coal use-age is still very, very high. 80% of solar come during the summer. Winter capture is weak.
Giorgio Cooper
Renewable energy revolution which punishes the poorest and middle class families with a yearly energy bill increase of at least 500 euros ...... what a success story !!!??? and a “green” energy revolution with zero reduction in CO2 emissions ....... actually quite to the contrary ...... all the backup power plants needed for those ever so green but highly inefficient - max. 28% - green energies are mainly fossil fuel powered plants with the result that over the last 3 years Germany’s CO2 emissions have gone UP ......... what a freaken scam !!!!!
H2innovationLab Smith
The ultimate renewable energy - tap directly into existing power grid OR game changing infrastructure. New technology that is considered to be the holy grail of energy. To discover search on h2il OR 'Hydrogen News 2018'
philippe chevereau
Biomass makes no sense. Do not burn what requires water for the sake of producing electricity!
Dont get fooled by this short documentary… i live in Germany and i can tell u this is sugarcoated like hell... alone the fact that the whole goverment is trying to kill off privat People to put solar Panels on their houses… they literally take 85% of all the Revenue u generate of your solarpanels as taxes. its a joke portraiting Germany like angels from heaven.
ketsia the qyeen
What kind of services does Trade and invest agency offer to companies interested to enter Germany's market?
Shilpa Kedia
Do u all know this thing....earlier electricity was produced from water ...water itself doesnt create any electricity unless n until sun rays are put on water n then such energy are used to produce electricity....this was the concept of generation of electricity through water...this can be said as an indirect source of electricity production u are using solar panels for generation of electricity...there r two ways either each house will have solar panel or solar panel are built in one particular area n then electricity is produced n distributed....sun is the object solar panel use to operate ...newtons law states no energy can be created or destroyed it just transform from one body to another...every sun rays or light rays or any other form of electricity eventually transmitted to earth n then we dont know ....this solar panel is a form of direct energy production....since all the energy is transmitted into earth ,the earth is bound to get heated during summer n vice versa.....nw understand the nature of sea level ...sea level is below in many countries whtever electricity is transmitted in earth from which it is transferred into sea understand land and sea breeze....u r nt utlising electricity from water n directly putting pressure of mre heat on solar panels water remain hot n gets mre hotter and evaporates ...this will happen to ur iceberg too will start melting if mre heat is used...nw understand one thing if sun rays are in direct contact with iceberg if melts from above ...wht will happen if heat from below causes iceberg to melt from inside....there is a reason y we all accept newton theroy...earlier it was a renewable source now it seems it is nt ....i guess it nt getting clear so understand one concept wht happen when we touch ice or boil water ....nw wht will happen if u walk barefoot on road at 40'celsius or 10'celsius when ur body temperature is 37'celsius...ur scientist can understand this better build some submarine or flying houses if water eventually acquires ur land .....commerilastion means betterment of the land n i think solar panel mite nt be a rite way to use just for business purposes afterall who what to leave their land panel mite cause destruction to ur land specially ice related land first...other country mite use this as an exception mite nt continue with solar panel if n when destruction panel is one of greastest achievement in world history if used wisely or mite prove the greastest weapon of mass destruction whoknows ....lets hope thing dont get bad.....
Since this video, Germany's carbon emissions have INCREASED every year. How can this be?
Because they shut down (emission free) nuclear plants.
Solar and wind couldn't carry the load, so fossil fuels did. Nice try, Germany.
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The Secret Dirty War to Stop Solar Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution 5 months ago   06:57

Brendan Fischer, Center for Media and Democracy / ALEC Exposed, joins Thom Hartmann.

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