Chelsea Clinton Doesn’t Know Kirstjen Nielsen Gets Deported 2 days ago   06:14

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Chelsea Clinton talks about the Trump administration rolling back protections for endangered species, Fox News' obsession with her family and what her parents are like as grandparents.
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Chelsea Clinton Doesn’t Know What Fox News Would Talk About Without Her Mom- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Anastasia P
Let's hear what these protesting Haitians had to say after the Clintons STOLE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from Haiti's earthquake relief fund: Meanwhile, Trump has donated every penny of his $400,000/yr salary to various causes since he's taken office. #FuckSethMeyers #FuckTheClintons
Anastasia P
"Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal" Go and educate yourselves for 19 minutes you dumb f*ck Clinton/Seth Meyers fans. #FuckChelseaClinton #FuckSethMeyers
Anastasia P
"The Original Clinton Chronicles" A documentary about The Clinton Crime Family's cocaine cartel, the witnesses they murdered (which include 5 teenage boys), Bill's cocaine addiction, laundering of drug money, and more. #FuckChelseaClinton #FuckSethMeyers
Armando Morales
Wow, you really asked those hard hitting questions like You did with Meghan. You know like “you have another on the way, what does your daughter think?”.... 😂Sad.
Dave Jenn
Chelsea,. The sin of her Muther!!!!!
Brock Madigan
You will report those murders or be an accomplice.
Brock Madigan
Your parents are responsible for how many murders?
Javier B
"Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal," "The Original Clinton Chronicles," "Obstruction of Justice-The Clinton Machine," all documentaries on YouTube about THE CLINTON CRIME FAMILY and their sick activities which range from murdering teenage witnesses, cocaine trafficking, laundering of drug money, and more. Wake the f*ck up, people.
Javier B
Guess what, Chelsea? It's Kevin Ives' birthday this month- you know, the 17-year-old that the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY brutally murdered because he stumbled across a CLINTON CARTEL COCAINE DROP? Yeah, that one- the one that was in "Obstruction of Justice- The Clinton Machine" on YouTube, you criminal PIECE OF SH*T.
Javier B
What an ugly PIECE OF SH*T criminal. Hey, Chelsea, did you plagiarize this book too? You must be so proud of your brainwashed, dumb f*ck fan base. And how does it feel to live in your $10 million BLOOD MONEY apartment? Go educate yourselves, people. The Clinton Crime Family continues to have a laugh at your ignorance.
I thought Trump is only cruel to immigrants, etc. But he is cruel to animals as well. What's going on with this guy?
She is such a lovely person, inside and out.
Casi Bulkeley
Monica lewinsky had the same expression as Joy,,, when she touched one back in the dizzle.
Zorro II
Who cares! The Clintons should move to Europe. They harmed the party more than any political family!
Charlotte B
She seems such a very lovely regular nice girl, continued good health and happiness.
Ginger Weatherbee
they'd talk about AOC and Omar.
The Trump administration could say the same about CNN. What on earth would CNN talk about without him? No brains or beauty. Tough. Even money cant help this poor girl look remotely cute.
Alma D
Chelsea is a smart woman.
Karla Valentine
I'm all for open hunting season. as long as conservatives are the ones being hunted
Daniel H
They mention AOC more often than Hillary... so this whole woe is my mom act can be forgotten
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Kirstjen Nielsen Gets Deported Chelsea Clinton Doesn’t Know 2 days ago   07:04

Donald Trump purges the Department of Homeland Security, firing Secret Service chief Randolph Alles and forcing DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign after they failed to see eye-to-eye on immigration.

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