NINJA Reacts TO Tfue Having 14 Min of Tfue and Corinna Kopf Cute 2 days ago   10:21

In this Video, Ninja Reacts TO TFUE Having to BUY All Skins Because Bursts Are Vaulted.. What do you guys think?! This Video includes Fortnite Moments, Funny Moments, Daily Moments, Gameplay of Fortnite, and epic/best moments!

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He said "all the bursts" FAMAS Isn't vaulted
I don't play fortnite anymore its shit tbh tfue needs to realise the burst is not a spray weapon and its its meant for precise aim he is fucking bad
Pokèmon Gaming227
Listen... if I wanted to hear Turner rant, I would visit his channel. I wanna see his bank account fall
Sally Purple
I can't believe that Tfue is going to support skins now
he said all they only removed the bad one
random guy
Frozen renegaderaider ur brain is frozen
7:57 what was the point of that clip
Cameron Yenne
Ok for everyone being stupid, 1. He said he would support, not buy.
2. He said all bursts, according to fortnite, the burst rifle refers to all rarities, even what the PUBLIC refers to as the famas rifles. The special note there being that the public refers to it as the famas, fortnite does not. Just as public refers to the epic and legendary versions of the assault rifles as the SCAR.
So stop being dumb, you're wrong.
Calvin Harris
Tfue said he would promote skins until the day he dies “when all Bursts are removed from the game.” but only the common, uncommon, and rare varieties of the Bursts Assault rifle were removed from the game.
Louis Leonardo
He did say all bursts and the Famas is still in the game
Will Forslund
Game Nation
He said all burst but famas is still in
Wtf are brusts
The burst was good for aimbotters
Scott Thomas
Tfue said all the bursts. “Famas”
xXPuppzySlurpX x
Wow you block his cursing iStelth your an a$$
Aaron Scheuer
This is the most cringe intro ever
Its Dex
Im doing a 50$ give away for each console ps4 console pc and mobile so sub and turn on the bell bois
Tony Aguilar
Epic*starts releasing legendary skins*
Rafael Viramontes
He said all burst
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14 Min of Tfue and Corinna Kopf Cute NINJA Reacts TO Tfue Having 2 days ago   14:51

Tfue and Corinna Kopf are playing together once again! Their duo is simply entertaining to watch, so here is a compilation of Tfue and Corinna Kopf cute moments and funny moments.

This video is made from Tfue and Corinna Kopf new full stream highlights! Hope you enjoy it!

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Tfue Youtube:

Corinna Kopf Youtube Channel:

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