CNET How To - Save data when Google's new iOS app fixes Apple Live 2 days ago   00:41

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You should backup your photos automatically. Just be sure your data settings can handle it.

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Mr. Daata.
Mattia Righetti
These videos must be put in a playlist called "Android for super duper dumb people"
Paul Marginean
What's with the changing room music?
Also, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaada.
This video was made for the likes of iPhone users
Some wifi plans have limits just like cellular data plans...
Razwan Mahmood
HONESTLY, the majority of people that own smartphones are also on android. Stop showing Apple down everybody's throat CNET. Also, it would have been better to show the Google Photos app on Android as there are more features.
terence francis
Enough with seemingly obligatory background music.- it's goofy, tasteless, and annoying in the extreme. Shut the shit off! Leave it out!
Nice tutorial :) I invite You to watch my channel :)
99 Red Balloons 🎈
pls add "grandma tips" before the title of vids like this!
Raj Jhaveri
IPhone's backing up to google. Oh the irony is rich.
Yan Luo
its set to backup over wifi only by default, so u technically dont need to do anything to "save" data from google photos...
David Gomez
What's next? How to turn on your phone? Please give me a break.
Stupid Flanders
Is he the new Jason Cipriani? I miss his videos.
Cesar Castro
Are you serious ??? Even my gramma can do this
Come on Cnet, you're running out of good ideas here
Ibrahim Tashkandi
I just wasted my data on an Australian guy showing me an obvious option in Google photos settings to turn off data :| when uploading. Thanks.
Impact by Eclipse
Daaata! :D
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Google's new iOS app fixes Apple Live CNET How To - Save data when 2 days ago   01:27

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