Theresa May on her 'new Brexit deal' Farage v Cable: The Brexit Debate 1 day ago   19:56

Sky News
The PM has set out a "bold" new offer as she prepares a fourth attempt at winning approval for her EU withdrawal agreement.

A new workers' rights bill to ensure UK workers enjoy workers' rights are as good as or better than EU workers will be created.

There will also be no change in the level of environmental protection after Brexit, with the creation of a new environmental office to ensure compliance.

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Francelee Paris
Theresa May.... ‘my way or the highway... ‘.. seems the Brits chose the open road...😂😂😂😂.. like a weak cup of Starbucks coffee.. she’s good to go..🤣🤣🤣
Miami Vice
And 4 days later in her resignation speech she says the same thing.!!!!!!!
Well that didn't work out
Ian Betts
She should be locked up in the Tower of London for trying to con us and keep us in.
Steve Ross
4th Time around for a deal that is the worst since 1707 made by the worst PM in HISTORY. May is too dumb to even understand how much we all hate her. Drag her from No.10 by her hair and throw her in the Tower on charges of TREASON.
Hidong Cucuk
Left to carry David Cameron's foolery !
NPC 69
Old hag
Two Flaps
Two Flaps
All i heard was billshit
Cookie Monster - Cookies & Autos
Theresa judas may
Mrs. Edna Welthorpe
I’m looking forward to voting Brexit Party Today and staying up to watch the results
dave angel
Lying traitorous whore
Might as well revoke article 50
Horrible sly woman, can't wait till she goes!!!!!!!!!!!!
ODD-one out n about
Seems like someone or ones are scared of the EU. !!!!
ODD-one out n about
Arhhhhh.ten eh,no 10 and many other governmental buildings in London also a ; no 10 ummmmm,what does that mean..!😐
ODD-one out n about
Welcome to the Godless NWO and a paving a way for the Antichrist system.GOD help,protect and guide REAL genuine JESUS believers as we approach the evil (so called order out of chaos that shall soon commence).!
Alex Morris
For sale ,,,,,ONE CRYSTAL BALL,,,,,hardly used,,,,,
Kenneth Flaming
she has being meme'd to a gaziollion shades of grey...may
Unwatchable. Sorry.
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Farage v Cable: The Brexit Debate Theresa May on her 'new Brexit deal' 1 day ago   05:05

The Telegraph hosted Nigel Farage and Vince Cable for an exclusive European elections debate on Wednesday morning.

The two candidates went head-to-head to argue why you should be voting for the Brexit Party or the Liberal Democrats to shape the UK's future in Europe in tomorrow's elections.

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