Speedrunners: RUN FOR YOU LIFE!! HORRIBLE ADORABLE BETRAYAL | Ultimate 1 day ago   37:17

Speedrunners returns with a VENGEANCE as we completely forget how to play the game!
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Comments 2402 Comments

Spectacular Sceptile
mor ples dad =) =3
Nicholas Lubish
Oh my god it’s back kinda
I just played speedrunners with my friends for the first time and i cant play it at home because it wont open up
Cade Nii
29:26 killed me 💀
Drew's Will to Play Simpson
Gotta keep the comments recent
Why did i just notice now that Cosmonaut Comrade's icon at the top changes its face
Eh that was pretty good.
Dallas Garrett
Mark: Has a character in the game based on his online persona made by the devs themselves in appreciation of him
Also Mark: Just plays a default character
10k for no reason please
Is that tyler!!!!?!??!??
At 12:00 Bob laughs exactly with his character🤣
Anthony Caito
Did you know that in speed runners, the character called speed runner is the fastest
crona cat
this is my favorite game i have ever watched someone play
Unlucky 13
For quite a long time I have thought Wade was pretty chicken-like, since before Ultimate Chicken Horse, but definitely in Ultimate Chicken Horse.
Queenie Acker
This video made me laugh hard and that never happens anymore lmfao
James Henry
14:14 prompto would be proud
Michael Sebaske

Kirby Ogg
12:00 his character laughed the same time he was laughing... omg I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣
Raven Wolf

literally *_DIED_*
this game...
so many friendships ruined xD
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HORRIBLE ADORABLE BETRAYAL | Ultimate Speedrunners: RUN FOR YOU LIFE!! 1 day ago   27:24

Bob, Wade, and Jack join me for an epic game of backstabbing!
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