Renewable energy projects helping The new power service that could 2 days ago   07:14

ABC News (Australia)
Across the nation, many country towns are struggling to stay afloat. But the growing number of renewable energy projects now being built is providing a shot in the arm to some regional communities.

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Simon Holmes à Court, advisor to the Energy Transition Hub at Melbourne University, calculates the average age of solar panels in Australia is three years and five months.
Couple that with the 2015 analysis by Sustainability Victoria that confirmed the lifespan of Australia’s solar panels to be between 15 and 35 years. It's going to be a Huge task recycling the solar arrays, that's if they do get recycled.
Sherryl Keith
I can make it myself. Just got instructions from Avasva website and I'm ready for do it :D
Fourier Transformed
This concept has been my crazy idea for a little while now; I'm studying photovoltaic energy conversion on an online platform with a view to maybe going to an actual university to expand my pursuit. (Delft TU)
But 400,000 solar panels?!? lol
flowering passions
Vic wholesale electricity price 2015 - $30/Mw, 2018 - $110/Mw ....
Theo Thistledon
I'm financially hemorrhaging over the cost of electricity. As Flossy Carter would say: "The price is too god damn high!!!"
GavinJewelaRing Price
FAKE NEWS rural Australia isn’t revitalising because of solar they are suffering from drought!
Trina Holman
There is a solar farm providing power to our area in Western Australia. Because of it, we no longer burn diesel in generators polluting our otherwise very clean air and ground water. And our power bills are quite a bit lower than most other parts of OZ. Cheaper, cleaner, renewable. And believe me, those sheep are better fed under those panels than otherwise. Healthier grass in quantity and plentiful shade for the sheep means many more sheep per hector, so it is a win-win!
Theo Thistledon
How many on going jobs does it provide for rural communities?

Who owns this solar farm?

I'm thinking of getting my power cut off because I can't afford to have electricity.
Oy vey, it's night time now, shut it down!!
Gerik Mirkujan
wow no gays, killers, drug dealers, politicians or media stars in the video? amazing, why should I watch that!?!?
You know what else is renewable? Human scat. Dry it and burn it.
Roland Walter-Dutton
Sheep grazing and chilling in amongst the solar panels; absolutely brilliant!
Andrew Thomas
How do we reduce carbon emissions? By creating jobs, not stupid protests. By the way, did the National Party help get this project up, or was it left to the town to do it on its own?
Ivan Kolev
Great get to buy the Chinese slave labour solar panels, thank God for those terrible working conditions otherwise the Victorian government wouldn't be able to afford these clean energy projects.
Maurice Abroad
I wondered what would happen if the grass or whatever grows above the panels.. but of course sheep is the solution 😂 touché
Martin A
They can't change angle need constant cleaning dust etc. No that efficient really. How many trees could been on that site.
Bubba Jones
There's no such thing as "renewable" or "green energy". That's just psycho babble used by converts.
Merredin has a 360,000 370w panel farm on the way , chinese owned and chinese contractor company so it says on the net . here it is very sunny 70% of the year, ps night is not day. we do have the odd farm here growing tumble weeds climate change, odd rainfall ?, so solar could be a help for the wallet as seen for farmers in germany.
flowering passions
Hooking the developing world up to off-grid solar power sources is proving a failure on both cost and environmental grounds, and they’re better off sticking with coal, argues Bjorn Lomborg. Herald Sun, Sept 4, 2019
Australian News
That's what the left has been talking about since 2007 .
But we had to have an argument with the LNP conservatives about an ETS and we lost the Carbon tax that was working .
These thing would have helped in the renewable energy sector .
But Tony Abbott and then Malcolm and now Scomo have no energy policy .
Six changes of PM all over energy, and the change is coming anyway because local community's and the states will make it happen .
Not to forget the NBN that they screwed as well that would have created new businesses and jobs in rural areas.
Where is the LNP jobs and growth now ?
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The new power service that could Renewable energy projects helping 2 days ago   08:11

There's a behind-the-scenes struggle over a new service to help households slash their power bills.

It's called demand response. It allows customers to save thousands of dollars by switching their appliances to lower electricity use at peak times.

It's used widely overseas and global players want to enter the Australian market.

But, as Liz Hobday reports, big energy companies are resistant.

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