Taking to the streets: the women of France's Yellow Vests to Trigger Run on Banks 1 day ago   02:35

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In this edition of The 51 Percent, how the Yellow Vest movement in France is attracting a number of female protestors as a report shows that women make up the bulk of workers in low-paid jobs in Europe.

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💗 Love and Solidarity from a working class woman in the UK!!
French sisters rock!! ✊
According to the charter of human rights and freedoms, every human POSSESSES the right to feel secure and unvioleted. This includes food, water and shelter. These sick psychos calling themselves “elite” are nothing more than parasites
Tamil Good night
Super woman 😉😉😉😚
Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: Telamax
WELL more talk than walk - Should become a daily tradition looks like fun not business!
How is she only getting 300/month in child support? Is the father a bum?
TeLo Let
Spread to US....
John A. O E
I hate to say this but these people should do what those illegal parasites are doing which is go on welfare and get free housing and social services,they need help now and they pay plenty of taxes
Primo Bud
You have Japanese radiation spilling into your waters, France.

ATH Breas
Macron must go or be hanged.. No to mass migration from the third world and down with the globalist Marxist EU and UN.
Frederic Karlo
Same women that marched for the fiscally irresponsible importation of millions of leeches on the EU economy when there were many others solutions that would have kept these people safe in their home country. France will become Venezuela within three years as both its reserve and credit die off. France is 100% on the path to third world status. Only an idiot would visit France on holiday in the middle of an invasion.
Samuel Ramsden
Power to the people men women black or white fight fir your rights
Anthony Lindsey
Two families under the same roof is a big goof..
I'll never understand this things about women in 2019. I mean what is the point: there is not such a thing as a march of men so why women? Yellow vests protests are both male and female what is the point of a all female march? Sexist
unpaid troll
fake news. you claim it was a peaceful protest.. which it was until the police decided to change the mood and started beating women up.
Vahid M
The Marxist doctrine loves this. Women who get divorced are not happy. Families must do all they can to stay together. It, in itself, is a form of protest.
david gregory
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Yellow Vests to Trigger Run on Banks Taking to the streets: the women of France's 1 day ago   06:16

The Yellow Vest/Gilets Jaunes movement in France is gaining momentum on a run on French banks by everyone withdrawing money on the same day.

Could we see disenfranchised citizens who voted for Brexit do the same in the UK?

#yellowvests #giletsjaunes #brexit #yellowvestsuk

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