Brad Goes Ranching in Texas Can the Worst Steak on the Cow Be Saved with 1 day ago   16:40

Bon Appétit
Join Brad Leone on Roam Ranch in Central Texas for the inaugural episode of It's Alive: Goin' Places! Brad learns all about regenerative land management, bison and (surprisingly delicious) alfalfa pellets.

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Brad Goes Ranching in Texas | It's Alive: Goin' Places | Bon Appétit

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Bon Appétit
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Tianna Elizalde
10:33 if that made u sad, u should see what florida dirt looks like... Or should i say sand. Cant grow anything here!
Brad told the dogs "I wanna be you so bad" omg we KNEW IT
lmfao "maam"
Kristin P
He’s like a Chris Pratt of BA
Johey Jonsson
Here in Sweden we're talking about the loss of traditional grace lands and how that impacts the eco systems. It's estimated that you can find 40 different species of insects, bees, butterflies, and plants for ever square meter of traditional grace lands, and all of those species are rapidly declining due to industrial farming.
Mr. Spock
Bison are a lot smaller than I thought they were
State of Awakening
Is the intro done by Audiomachine?
Ava Acosta
this makes me wanna start up a ranch and save the earth one bison turd at a time
de lasol
So sad
Poppy Busby
I’ve never been so happy to share my name with an animal
Miles Metcalfe
The squeaky toy noise killed me!
Mizzy Golightly
I can't stop thinking about what the guy said, we have 60 harvests until the land is unusable.
Absolutely adore this. What a fantastic thing to do. Keep up the good work, guys.
Kwee Ayu Hapsari Kurniawan
Brad! Stop winking in cowboy suit 🤣 I can feel my toes curling 🤭
"...they regenerate the land through that BEAUTIFUL RUMEN" you can tell that guy loves his job.
You aren't going to eliminate the problem on a macro scale until you've eliminated the profit-centric economic model. Join the socialists, comrades. We will save the soil.
Juliette Grace
I truly appreciated all of the science in the video!
Neville Mars
I understand the importance of regenerative land management and more ecological approaches to farming, but is it really possible for this kind of agriculture to overtake the commercial farming industry? I feel like our industry is too far gone and too commercialized to actually make the switch because it'll hurt company's bottom lines.
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Can the Worst Steak on the Cow Be Saved with Brad Goes Ranching in Texas 1 day ago   09:02

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