Vladimir Putin tells Russian Vladimir Pozner: How the United States 2 days ago   03:43

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VLADIMIR Putin is considering bolstering Russia’s armed forces in response to Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw from a landmark nuclear disarmament treaty.v Thank you for watching.
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Alex Ata
Long live Russia and USA both. Down with the terrorist groups such as Hizbullah, Hamaz, Daesh, etc..
Nujtoog Xiong
Russian is  nervous about nuclear treaty, they have only 60 days to decide or else will face live and death.
FF Фарид Абави Producer
HURRY UP and make some more American military Junks quick American homosexual satanic abnormal thieves has no choice they are desperate junkie drug addicted they have no technology like Russia and they can build one either but they want to be the power the homosexual power as usual so they made excuses to domnit Russia with their gay std bucket ass American junk military equipments so Russia is the superpower Russia start nuking the gay America and EU they have no power to defend it..guarantee So go and make any junk you want what you complaining about homosexuals ??????
Morrigan Ravenchild
mohammad shahid khan
European are foolish people if they allowed America to put missiles in their territory
- we don't want a war with Russia.
Nujtoog Xiong
Russia become a suicidal war with the west, Putin doesn't have enough money and foods to feed his own people in case of war erupts.
Ezeqiel Echeverria
Russia has make so many enemies that will never try to oppose president Trump. I like Putin , I love America and I support president Trump. Call me crazy, but Putin find his match and soon will give up on anything president Trump ask for. Love America and Americans.
Charles Bronson
Russia has great weapons but won't survive a long war with the US.... No enough resources same as what happened to Germany in WW2 ... Hes playing with fire and with Russian Lives and he knows it .... Love the Russian people but hope for peace cause it wont end well for no one
Big Boy
Treaty or no treaty Russia will always be scary to America
Toni ToO HuMaN
Russia great country,a great nation....russia if any country around the world treating you then threatening them back...if they dare to attack you then atack them back...westerns countries,white nation haved falling into a void of mix tapes of Havebreed of freaks!...these countries their youth are a parasites! And a gobal disease!...dont allow your great country to fall into this garbage of westerners countries turn into gettohoods..lmao😁😂
Rick Urquizo
Russia maybe would win against Ukraine but not against the US not in your dreams
Gangster Caesar
death to shithole Russia
achiles Greeko
Israelis and pro-israelis are planing war against Russia. First of all Russia must demolish devil-israelis.
RKKH Hansen
RKKH Hansen
Kay Bass
Russia has created a gas pipeline that goes around Ukraine, and reaches markets in the EU without Ukrainian influence. The price of gas goes up in a vertical increase; while oil prices collapse. The courtship between Putin and the Saudi prince is about energy control. OPEC has been sidelined by big producers, subjecting energy to boom and crash.
The economic crushing of Iran is the first phase of a war footing. The next phase of this war is when the nuclear assets of Iran are destroyed, and the pilots refuel in Saudi Arabia on their way back.
The battle over oil and gas is the beginning of a collection of war events that are found in prophecy, for example Jeremiah 25: 17-26. This ends up with all nations involves with wrath at the same time. In Revelation 11: 18: "The nations became wrathful, and Your [God's] own wrath came....and the time came to bring to ruin those ruining the earth."

The dynamic of the war between Russia and the EU is affected by a banking system crisis and meltdown Psalms 46: 6 Ezekiel 7: 19. This costs the region the euro; which goes into the abyss. 25 countries and small municipalities all bankrupt together; and Mr Putin takes advantage of the sudden weakness of the defence forces in the EU.
Famine appears in the EU; and the Russian Federation seizes the artefacts of the Vatican and the churches, to attempt to shore up the Russian rouble at the time a worldwide financial and banking systems crisis is sweeping the world. Ezekiel 7: 19-22.

This embraces another period of prophecy, in 2Thessalonians 2: 2-12. Here we see the 'man of lawlessness'; who is at present being exposed for sexual crimes against children, and cover- ups, which stretch as far back as the eye can see. The sudden destruction of these criminals at a time the Russian Federation has overrun the EU shows the 'manifestation' of Christ Jesus, the King. 2Thessalonians 2: 8. This is parallel to Matthew 24: 14, 30 where we see dramatic events in verse 29, then in verse 30 populations who are in grief due to the outbreak of wars see Christ has definitely arrived in power and great glory. This is also related closely to the 'manifestation' of Christ, described in 2Thess 2: 8.

Christ's arrival at the time of hissing, roaring missiles deployments when the 'Old heavens' [political system] 'passed away' with these missiles, which are also seen in the Middle East and in Iran 2Peter 3: 10 Matthew 24: 15-22 Jeremiah 49: 35-38; means that God's Kingdom under Christ Jesus has arrived, and is here. There is 'blood and fire and columns of smoke' Joel 2: 30, 31 due to these missiles. The Anglo American world power Revelation 13: 13 will 'make fire come down out of heaven to the earth, in the sight of mankind.' when missiles are being used in a war with the US, and allies against Iran. Daniel 8: 20, 23-25.
At a time of a rush to get underground by frightened people, they will thrown their silver and gold away with a loathing Isaiah 2: 18-20 because the present day financial system will be gone, melted down Psalms 46: 4-6 by war and criminal mismanagement.

No financial system means the present system is over. God's Kingdom under Christ takes over the rescue of mankind John 3: 16. YOU can survive; you can know what will happen, because this prophecy is written. YOU CAN LIVE IN PARADISE LUKE 23; 43 ON EARTH FOREVER IN PEACE. Psalms 37: 10,11, 29. Who will ask for more information about prophecy for our days? ?Who has faith in the true God; the God of prophecy; Jehovah? Psalms 83: 18. Romans 10: 13-15.
Joshua Sellars
Russia would lose a war to America in the end!Then what?
หริรักษ์ อรุโณทัย
u don't talk more Russ . I - You S t art First n u
Looney Wolf
GO, GO, GO for WW 3!!!
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Vladimir Pozner: How the United States Vladimir Putin tells Russian 2 days ago   1:53:04

On September 27, 2018, Yale's Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, and the Poynter Fellowship for Journalism hosted Vladimir Pozner, the acclaimed Russian-American journalist and broadcaster. Pozner spoke on the impact of US foreign policy towards Russia after the Soviet Union has been disbanded, and shared his opinions on a range of issues raised by the audience, from the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential elections, to Skripal poisoning, to the state of independent media in Russia and the US.

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