Catalan separatists stand trial We decoded NASA’s messages to aliens 2 days ago   01:24

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Catalan separatists are in Spain's Supreme Court today. They are charged with their role in the region's failed bid for independence 16 months ago.

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Batuhan Batuhan
Democracy much?
The 12 accused are being judged for rebellion in the aim of pretending to gain independence in a unilateral manner without taking into consideration the wishes of the rest of The Spanish Kingdom and against the Spanish Constitution. Would you think fair a minority of citizens of one of the Regions of your Country to start a rebellion pretending to separate one of the Regions of your Country against the overall majority of Citizens of your own Country ?.
GoW barcelona
Freedom 4 Catalonia!!!! Freedom 4 the catalan political prisoner's and the activist/singers nd civilians, indipendence it's the only way forward now!
razzy mono
Where's the so democratic European Union to issue an early reruns of referendum as proposed in Venezuela
Freedom Fighter
Instead of just giving them a referendum like in Scotland, noooo you violently oppress them... very democratic spain
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We decoded NASA’s messages to aliens Catalan separatists stand trial 2 days ago   08:54

In 1977, twin golden records were sent into space on the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft. Still sailing through space at nearly 60,000 km per hour, the records contain sound, songs, and images from earth. But how did NASA include images on an analog record? Here, we decoded the audio, and see the images the way that aliens were intended to see them.

Special thanks to Ron Barry for walking us through his own audio decoding process, which got us excited in the story over a year ago. You can read about his own adventure and watch his process produce results in real-time in his own video in the links below:

Link to Manuel’s code on GitHub:

Link to the full audio data:

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