Vatican City forms own national First "Christian Church" in Jerusalem 2 days ago   01:05

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Vatican City, the smallest state on Earth, has just launched its own international track and field team. The team's ultimate goal is to one day carry the Vatican flag during the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

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Adam Woodard
So what i'm hearing is Vatican City with a population of about 1,000 is going to Japan for the 2020 oylmpics.
David Bolha
They should be called PedoAthletics. 😂😎

Sponsored by FAKE Taxi. 😆
Omega Prime
This is really interesting for the 🇻🇦. I hope they can make it.
100m chase the choir boys 'round the rectory dash?

I predict gold medals for everyone.
Pecu Alex
Wait? So are they all priests and nuns? Or can catholics from anywhere join?
Daniel Cuevas
Boi you know they have access to ALL the worlds best players......
Fried Chicken Now
The Vatican has walls, these walls are immoral.
i dont know what to say and think
Daniel Repetto
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First "Christian Church" in Jerusalem Vatican City forms own national 2 days ago   14:38

Secret Underground Church from days of Jesus discovered in Jerusalem!

Music by CMA
An R$E Production in Jerusalem.

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