The Inside Crew Reacts to Kawhi Best Buzzer Beaters of All Time 1 day ago   07:53

Shaq, Chuck, Kenny and Ernie react as Kawhi Leonard sends the Toronto Raptors to the ECF with an incredible shot at the buzzer.

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Jason Burke
Chuck...” if you’re scared, get a dog.” #dead
How come I havent seen a Joel Embid crying face meme to compete with Yao Ming's grin yet? XDD
Brad MacArthur
DeRozan was a good player but he doesn't have that special ingredient that makes Kawhi a great player- calm under pressure.
Carl Tomines
Who else is here after the Raptors won the 'Chip and reviewing the greatest Raptors moments of NBA 2019?
cash macgregor
charles should know....he won the title....oh, wait a minute, he didn't win squat.
even the crooked refs couldn't stop the CHAMPIONS!!
Angel Morales
1month ago and its still amazing
Big House
"The other"
Big House
Best finals ever. Can't watch Lebron, this is a team sport man
I re-watch highlights from this game weekly.
So was the offense good enough vs the Bucks?...
Shaq was right in hindsight. Lowry tried to win a game winner against GSW and missed.
David Stephens
Kawhi knew what he was doing. He’s been practicing that shot everyday. Just watch MJs fade-away. Kawhi been practicing that shot. And everytime you seen him try that shoot it’s usually bounces around a couple times. You rarely see it go straight through.
Richard N. Anoliefo
And now, Raptors are Champs!
Alex LLC
I remember when I saw that shot go in me and my dad were screaming
Micky Antiforms
Charles : Kawhi Is the best in the world...well done Chuck!
Spotify J9neworleans
The Leonardnator
Billy Lzer
Flying V
The chemistry between these guys is so great.
Exner Pigao
The humble MVP 💪
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Best Buzzer Beaters of All Time The Inside Crew Reacts to Kawhi 1 day ago   07:43

My favorite basketball buzzer beaters of all time.
Let me know what you think and what compilation I should do next down in the comments.

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