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Dingo is a free-ranging dog found mostly in Australia. Dingos are fast runners and they mostly hunt in groups. In fact, the skilled adult dingoes are excellent hunters.
Dingo - My animal friends - Animals Documentary -Kids educational Videos
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Robert Sankner
Robert Sankner
I’m sleeping
Reanna Smith
Those dingoes grow fast
the dingo AITE MOI BOIBY
Hello friend :D
Annie Mautner
Dingoes are the wild dogs of Australia.
On Time Typing, report writing & editing
Dingoes speaking in Pommy accents? How weird.
citizen2016 citizen
what a beauty.. nice video
Summer Cory
aw that was great mate!
Lujayn Gilsenan
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FOXES: Animals for children. Kids Dingo - My animal friends - Animals 2 days ago   02:09

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Foxes are small mammals with an orange coat and bushy tail.

They are native to Britain, but can now be found all over the world.

They are distant relatives with dogs and wolves,

but live in small family groups instead of packs.

And like all omnivores they can eat almost anything.

Cunning foxes are great hunters.

Carefully the fox sneaks up on it’s pray.

What a wonderful leap!

Foxes have wonderful hearing…

meaning they can listen for pray under the snow.

With another great leap,

the fox is able to hunt for mice deep in the snow.

Male foxes are called dogs.

Female foxes are called vixens.

And baby foxes are called cubs.

Foxes have comfy borrows for homes.

Here is a small cub is coming out of the her borrow.

Doesn’t she have lovely black feet and a great furry coat!

Do you know what noise a fox makes?

Well they can make several.

They can yelp, bark, growl and whine…

just like this.

Ewww that’s not a nice noise, is it!


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