Egypt: The Amazing Forest in the Desert Can A Desert Be Reclaimed For Human Habitation? 1 day ago   06:14

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Fertile land is scarce in Egypt. All of life depends on water from the Nile River. 85 million Eyptians are settled along its banks. The rest of the country is desert. Egyptian and German scientists have now found a way of cultivating forests in the desert sand.

It looks like a fata morgana. But the forests in the Egyptian desert are real. They're watered with processed sewage. 24 such forests have sprung up across the country over the past eight years. The sewage is rich in nutrients and fuels the growth of plants like mahagony, eucalyptus and sisal.

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BB Banks
Why pine trees which require so much water and thrive in cool climates?
Michael Froelich
The sahara only arose when CO2 levels plunged over 300,000 years ago. Now that CO2 levels are slightly higher again the earth is once more greening.
Angel Monkey
there is a VAST aquifer under the sahara that has gone untouched for 100,000 years since early modern man cut down every last tree and hunted every last animal and used every last resource fro their once-great and wealthy civilization. now all that remains is 2000 miles of sand dunes. clean fresh water can be pumped from the ground and whole forests can be made with food trees and mushrooms and grains and nuts and berries and in 30-50 years be a vital source of food for the poorer nations and peoples of Africa. a giant garden of eden if they wish can be created in less than a century. the Chinese already accomplished the feat in its barren wastelands and Egypt and the other Saharan nations can come together to do the same thing to make their world a better place. and give the earth some extra lung power and new fresh air to breathe.
Paul Jackson
Great way of reusing wast water.
Scott Fuller
Israel has restored many desert areas into excellent agricultural lands, fruit orchards, melons, gourds, etc etc.....!
star dust
they should put in powdered clay and organic/compost into the sand and tilt it 2 feets deep. then use sprinklers system to wet the soil to make sure it is kept moist. sow in grass seed and let the grass grows. grass will retain the soil moisture from evaporating. meanwhile they can plant hardy and fast growing trees that have big canopy to provide shade and keep the moisture of the soil. effective micro organism also need to put introduce to the soil.
great work
Ram kumar
hi ,i think moringa trees ll suit ur desert,even all parts of that plant are edable......u can cut the branches every winter,just preserving the main trunk,the tree ll regenerate,......anyways all the best for the noble work u are doing❤❤❤letz make the desert green
Falcon Swoops
Impressive achievement. .
Jeremy Ksor
You start to plant a trees to look beautiful also for animals to live but Vietnamese government cut it all the forest down in Central highland where the Montagnard indigenous live they destroy the jungle plants coffee, rubber trees plantations.
Virginia B. Britton
Love it !!!!!
Kirito Kiphure
One of the best innovative change
rick couture
if value added could be established , it would sustain its self.
Karna Jamatia
I'm always fascinated with re-greening the planet. This project is doing great.... congrats Egypt
Anders Persson
Consider, there is always moist in the air that can be used if there is planted trees that's making the moist to water on its leaves and it will drop down to the ground.
Its a fail project. Eucalyptus can not be a solution, it will make your land more dry.
Wanie B
trees are the best way to change climate, holding water in a area and creating biodiversity - a win-win situation I hope they are willing to invest in. Sad for them to say they are losing fertile lands when its obvious they have built over top of what they had.
Name Last Name
it's too late. too little too late. permian extinction is nigh. most insects will die in the next decade. and when the methane escapes the permafrost it's game over. we are already dead.
Птица Говрорун
Можно ещё солнечные батареи вывести на высоту над растениями в шахматном порядке или ромбической сеткой . Батареи будут отбрасывать тень на растения и те будут меньше высыхать на солнце .
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Can A Desert Be Reclaimed For Human Habitation? Egypt: The Amazing Forest in the Desert 1 day ago   12:20

The Gobi Desert's Sand Warriors: The Gobi desert in central China is becoming increasingly barren, forcing resident farmers and their families into towns, with serious ecological consequences.

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"The whole ecosystem is in danger", states Li Hong Jun, a Gobi resident. Though his family have left, Li refuses to abandon his ancestors' lifestyle. Despite horrific sandstorms and arid soil, Han Meifei is among those seeking to rejuvenate the land. His innovative procedures have developed ways of growing plants without water, preventing the dry desert from spreading, and preserving the seeds of plants close to extinction for a greener future.

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