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Fertile land is scarce in Egypt. All of life depends on water from the Nile River. 85 million Eyptians are settled along its banks. The rest of the country is desert. Egyptian and German scientists have now found a way of cultivating forests in the desert sand.

It looks like a fata morgana. But the forests in the Egyptian desert are real. They're watered with processed sewage. 24 such forests have sprung up across the country over the past eight years. The sewage is rich in nutrients and fuels the growth of plants like mahagony, eucalyptus and sisal.

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the nile dumps into the ocean why not dig large resevouirs and canals into the landscape and save the water
L DuranC
Congratulations. In places like Colombia, eucalyptus and acacia were donated to farmers for reforestation some 30 and 40 years ago. Now, the land is so dry that farmers all over Colombia are taking these species down, and not fast enough. not even saplings are allowed on the land. The consume too much water and dry the land. I suggest you reconsider the species, even if they seem to be promissory. Blessings.
They have no choice except to build Tower CITIES connected to maglev Trains.
Pranay Tewari
Not a good idea to feed eucalyptus and pine with ground water. These instant forests are like instant food. It may fulfil needs of today. But these are unhealthy to environment.
James Birkett
You must get your head round the fact that carbon is required for all life to thrive. We have to little not to much.
Michael Davis
Germans??...make sure they are not from the holy trinity of fraud and deception which consists of the max plancke institute...tubingeren university and the holy ghost huckster himself... johannes krause
Eucalyptus pumps water from deep underground to the atmosphere. Maybe not the best choice of tree.
paari raaju
Awesome 👌👌. Desert to Forest!!!!
Zyg Machél
about the time ⛰🏡
🌴🌴🌴🌴🌲🌲🌲 🦂🦆
John Smith
GO VEGAN !!!!!!!!
Intrepid 55
Eucalyptus consumes water in large quantities. We don't advice planting these in places where water is scarce. IT EVEN DRIES UP STREAMS OF WATER where it is planted and the poisonous pulpy covering of the seeds is poisonous to other plants as it rots and the lumber is not worth the environmental cost of growing it. Pine is good and probably some sturdy fruit or nut bearing trees. But you are the experts. Yes?
Light skinned so-called Egyptians should get out of Egypt, the real Egyptians are nubians in the south.
Peppa pig
Pine doesn't do anything for the forest floor. I wonder why they didn't use broad leaf trees
Peter Edwards
Why do they keep saying"damaging CO2 emissions"? Plants need alot of CO2 to thrive They keep repeating false science till we believe it !
h.ratankumar singh
badferrit badferrit
Google black earth the Aztecs and other south American ancient tribes had mastered it
LORD here they come...
Rajeev Ranjan
Christian procecution in egypt
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Moroccan Villagers Make Their Egypt: The Amazing Forest in the Desert 1 day ago   02:26

The edge of the Sahara desert seems an unlikely spot for an organic farm, but that didn't stop a group of poor villagers in the village of Hart Chaou, 300 kilometers southeast of Marrakesh, from planting one. Reporting for VOA, Solana Pyne describes a Moroccan community farm that could be a model for other drought-prone regions.

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