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-- Title: Playground --

What is the most fun thing to do on the playground?

This is a playground.

I can slide down very fast.

Let’s swing as high as the sky.

The seesaw moves up and down.

Let's make a sandcastle in the sandbox.

I can see the whole playground from the top of the jungle gym.
jungle gym

Let’s hang on the rope ladder like spiders.
rope ladder

Let's go across the monkey bars like monkeys.
monkey bars

Let's go round on the Merry-go-round.

The rocking horse moves back and forth.
rocking horse

Let's play together at the playground tomorrow!

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I have a Playground in My school
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Theme 16. Like - Do you like milk? Kids vocabulary - Playground - Learn 2 days ago   07:59

Theme collection - Like - Do you like milk? | ESL Song & Story - Learning English for Kids | Dialogue - Song - Rap - story - Cartoon story

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--- ESL Theme : Like ---

01_Dialogue : Do you like cheese? - Yes, I do. : 00:06

02_Song : Do you like pizza? - Yes, I do. I like pizza. : 01:40

03_Song : Do you like cheese? - Yes, I do. : 02:28

04_Rap : Do you like milk? - I like milk. : 03:08

05_Story : Do you like cheese? - I like cheese. : 03:47

06_Story : Do you like doughnut? - Do you like chocolate cake? : 04:57

07_Cartoon Story : What color do you like? - I like yellow. : 06:15

08_Cartoon Story : What color do you like? - I like red. : 06:35

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