Game Theory: Is the Lost Level Game Theory: The Frozen Level 1 day ago   15:58

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The alleged Zoo Level in Accounting+ is either the greatest mystery in gaming, or the greatest troll. And this time I've left no random object unturned in my search for the truth! It's time to decide if there really is a "missing level."

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Editors: Dan Seibert, Koen Verhagen
Writer: Matthew Patrick
Researcher and game-hacker extraordinaire: Zach Stewart

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The Game Theorists
It exists...we found someone who is able to dig even deeper into the code and we're just now finding the pieces.
He's in the RAW code and it's still a struggle to figure out how exactly it's hidden.
But it's there. Definitely.
We'll let you know what we find!
Drake Gallerno
If you want people to still believe the zoo level is real to make them learn more about the game, then why are you publishing this video? XD
Brantus Sykodomolous
It's brain trickery brilliance!
David Stucky
Maybe the zoo level is a separate download unlocked in the game? I don’t know
Back Alley Night Cat
What if the adventure of trying to find the zoo level is the actual zoo level
Captain Seaweaver
Hey so...... Has anyone actually tried to play the mp3 you get from the last video on the zilophone?
Midwest DankAlumni
Imma be down with the clown
Alx Windsar
Can I just say, I really enjoyed this episode? It’s awesome seeing you delve into the code and stuff. Same reason I loved the DDLC and newest Bendy theory. Super interesting seeing this thing.
Pixelated Fued
The game cartrage in Clovis land has a qr code on it scan it
Ghazt Gamer
Play SaveTheAnimals.mp3 on the xylobone
die idot
Crazy thought but what if the zoo level isnt in the game but you can put it in the game, what if the numerous rick and morty references are telling us that we need to try to put a scene from rick and morty, virtual rickality into the or put it in place of a level already existing. Just a thought
Randal Rando
What if its in another game and zoo level is a code
צבים צבים אנחנו לא יודעים 33
Maybe after you do something in some order the level is downloading it self
The thing that keeps me up at night are the multiple times I shat myself in elementary.
Luciana L Nobrega
Josh V
What if it is a zoo which is a collection of animals but it is a zoo of the levels combined
kxng_ash_ 2.1
Y don't u use the song from save the animals
maybe on the zilsphonr or that piano thingy play the uhh save the animals i mean if it's possible
Evan Wells
Do you remember the mp3 song that was a dead end
Play that on the xylophone
Maybe that might do something if you havent tried it already
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Game Theory: The Frozen Level Game Theory: Is the Lost Level 1 day ago   19:21

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Remember when Elsa was going to be the villain of the story? No, I'm not talking about Frozen, the movie. I'm talking about the Frozen level of Kingdom Hearts 3. That's right, for the SECOND TIME Elsa's evil storyline was cut out. Don't believe me? Well, bundle up, this will be a cold journey!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Geoff Thew
Editors: Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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