A reality check on renewables - David Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN 6 months ago   18:35

How much land mass would renewables need to power a nation like the UK? An entire country's worth. In this pragmatic talk, David MacKay tours the basic mathematics that show worrying limitations on our sustainable energy options and explains why we should pursue them anyway. (Filmed at TEDxWarwick.)

Lesson by David MacKay.

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Shad Raad
rip xd
Dwindling coal & oil exploitation in and around the UK doesn't mean that a global peak in production is in sight!
Michael Stark
This presentation is WAY OUT OF DATE. The maths do NOT add up using current wind numbers. On his estimates current wind power should be using about the area (perhaps a little less) of North Yorkshire and wind is producing as much as 5% of TOTAL UK energy (ALL energy) right now, increasing rapidly. Recent wind record was 36% of TOTAL UK electricity - Average is hard to come by as the numbers are increasing rapidly as new generation comes online.
Ironic Dichotomy
I think alluding that the only problem with nuclear power is it’s popularity is misleading!
Brian Dietrich
The answer is nuclear power...
Canada needs Natural gas... Because to live here you need to burn fuel for heat in winters that can get as cold as - 37c . Their is no other way accept pay a 500 dollars a month for electricity or burn all our forests for firewood. Natural gas is the reason for the huge footprint. To convert our grid to renewables would bankrupt the country. Our bird chopper wind turbines will need to be replaced in 25 years.
Zephyr Drake
The solution: Thanos + infinity gauntlet.
marty love
Have they just found the biggest oils field in the north sea and another in America
marty love
Have they just found the biggest oils field in the north sea and another in America
Allen Loser
Back the dollar with the almighty megajoule to create an incentive for the industry of private individuals and corporate industry to develop the most cost effective ways of energy production.

Energy generation will then be creation of wealth.

Production of H2 from fossil fuels or from water must be priced to account for destruction of wealth by consuming more energy to produce H2 than you get back.
That's actually encouraging because that's totally doable!
jeremy a
So his whole point is what, dont try cause you cant succeed? Or is it that if we cant get rid of every single fossil fuel generator, then all our efforts are wasted? He definitely has decided there will not be any technical advances which could make his numbers meaningless. Its kind of disappointing how many people just hear a bunch of math and shut off all their critical thought.
rodney adams
sorry man try grow more trees. there mad out carbon. so i'll have trouble get off of carbon though think solar panels find install them. any way electric bill down.
Abid Ali Luton
Phenomenal eye opener! sad to read below Sir David MacKay is no longer around to contribute; a great loss indeed.
David barnes stuff 2
2013 huh. Well we saw how well that worked out.
pale blue dot
Nuclear go nuclear
Just do it
Ken Royall
There is no life after fossil fuels.
cliff mcclure
https://ufl.ae/videow/D-oQBFUfL4m Why renewables can’t save the planet
Aussie Taipan
The worlds answer is LFTR, lots of them.
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Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN A reality check on renewables - David 6 months ago   09:40

It wasn’t so long ago that Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in the entire of South America. Today, half of their population lives in extreme poverty. So, the question is… How did they end up there? What did their government do so wrong to destroy an economy in so little time? Today, we are gonna tell you the story.

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