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How much land mass would renewables need to power a nation like the UK? An entire country's worth. In this pragmatic talk, David MacKay tours the basic mathematics that show worrying limitations on our sustainable energy options and explains why we should pursue them anyway. (Filmed at TEDxWarwick.)

Lesson by David MacKay.

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3 Itty Bitty Piggies Story Time
Just think, if not for the Global Marxist Corporatocracy we would already have Free clean energy (not wind or solar) and no cancer or diseases (with no toxic, unaccountable, profitable, corporatocracy vaccines). But, real progress (not force) does Not fuel the Hole-y Corporatocracy quest for cult power and authority to $ave all ewe sheeple.
Gerry Matheson
Sounds like fossil fuels are actually pretty efficient, economically viable and user friendly...by comparison. (And pssst...carbon and CO2 are not the villain all the hype and hysteria try to paint them out to be... Please do a little exploring, research and googling about the role of carbon and CO2 on the greening of our planet.)
(Also do a bit of exploring, research and googling on the environmental, ecological and health impacts of giant wind turbines, both land based and off shore. There are huge negative impacts...bird and bat strikes, acoustic issues for humans and also for creatures dependent on sonar/echolocation, soil degradation due to vibration/compaction as well as destroying or driving off earthworms and possibly other soil conditioning organisms, and significant health impacts on humans...and probably other domestic animals in proximity to windmills...)
vcx cxd
Nuclear is not a solution. Nuclear energy production isn't flexible as the system want, so you can't have an electrical system with all nuclear power plants. So there isn't cooking recipes when we talk about engineering. If we want a better world we have to accept the fact that the first world must reduce consumes. We are 10 billions in the world, all the humans want the car, the fridge, Netflix and we can't create energy for everyone.
Cristi Neagu
11:50 Yeah... handing over the entire energy production to countries like Russia, Libya, Kazakhstan, making you 100% dependant on them, doesn't sound like a very good idea.
you put a wind turbine on your property and the council/local government want a piece of it or they will force you take it down , want to go solar ? ok you can but the system is geared to you being tied into their grid and prop it up with free electric while your out working all day
you used to be able to sell your electric to the energy companies but Mrs May scrapped the feed in tariff , 2021 see,s the EU going to unify the price of energy because its going broke and Germany is in recession ,
So your left with going off grid but you have to force the energy companies to take their meters away because you are still paying for them ,
Supply your own heating & hot water = the EU are going to ban all domestic gas boilers /open fire places & other fossil heat sources ,wood burners are going to be out kawed along with other heat sources but you can go all electric under the EU green save the planet plan if you use their electric at their prices .

Go solar go EV go house battery the government will force up the price of house insurace because of the fire risk and you will be forced to spend more money via their home safety inspections ,they already started forcing some people in some US states to have a cat converter on their wood burners and thet have inspections ..

By now you would have guessed that energy is the new gold ,the fact that last month the UK had a power cut that knocked out half the country because an off shore wind farm went down & then over loaded a power station ,
The advent of the EV & home chargers running 50+ amps is going to make the situation worse because we just dont have the infrastructure
An escencial missing figure here is how many watts are those light bulbs ??
All of mine are 5 watt !
I tried to do the math in 2019 for the USA as an exercise. According to this website: https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/us-energy-facts/ the US energy consumption in 2018 was  101,251,057,000,000,000 British thermal units (Btu), or around 29,673 Terawatt hours (TWh). From looking online (https://www.quora.com/How-many-kWh-will-1-sq-meter-of-solar-panel-produce-in-1-year) it looks like a solar panel might produce around 200+ KWh per year per square meter in average in the US (London gets only 146KWh/year/m^2). To provide the energy consumed by the US in one year, one would need 100K+ square kilometers of solar panels, roughly equal to the area of Ohio. Solar panel efficiency has probably improved significantly in the last 6 years.
Chris Bradbury
A spread sheet would have been better than your graph.
Now here’s something that actually makes sense and puts a real perspective on all the fluff!!!!
Energysaving is the way into poverty. The universe is full of energy. There’s enough energy. We just need to use it. Go nuclear. Go for Thorium and molten salt reactor technology! Forget about low density (renewable) power.
Rick McCargar
CO2 is not a pollutant, it is necessary for life to thrive, and it is NOT the control-knob for the climate.

Electric cars require batteries that are terribly toxic to mine and manufacture.

Nuclear power is the only real solution if you want sustainable energy that is not based on fossil fuels.
Andy Drudy
Common sense at last with no hysteria.
Jim Davis
We could put most of mankind's production and resources to making re-newables that need renewing every 10 years but what would we eat and how would we transport stuff...
Stewart Boyle
ExRb spokesperson: "Yes but those figures are entirely speculation, science says.."
There are a couple of things that may make people skeptical, 1: Why was the term Global Warming changed to Climate Change 2: Why are Governments not pushing Nuclear power plants, regardless of the disadvantages of nuclear waste, the significant reduction in Co2 is far more crucial than the waste problem.
Dhen Phu
Greta's "I want you to panic" is indeed not the way. Diabolizing nuclear power neither, and taxing everyone blind for a fake hoax like CO2 is not a solution either. Real scientists need to be working on the problem, not the fake climate change hoaxers who are in the Zionist Rothschild pockets.
Dust storm C0Ming
The UK has to import food because they don't have enough room to grow their own. So should people in the UK just stop eating?
Intuitive_ Soul
Good luck having someone host your solar power farms. Your energy will be held hostage every 5 minutes. But I do like the fact that someone with brains says let do math not just argue over nothing.
No Brainers
Start by turning ALL lights off at night!!!
Lars Pallesen
So you need to cover 25% of the UK landmass with solar panels and windmills to produce enough energy, huh? What a load of BS!
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Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN A reality check on renewables - David 12 months ago   09:40

It wasn’t so long ago that Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in the entire of South America. Today, half of their population lives in extreme poverty. So, the question is… How did they end up there? What did their government do so wrong to destroy an economy in so little time? Today, we are gonna tell you the story.

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