Ukraine Seeks To Boost Forces Fake Mercedes Scam in China 1 day ago   04:21

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
The Ukrainian military has released video of its vessels being constantly shadowed by Russian forces in waters near Crimea, which Moscow annexed from Kyiv in 2014. The United States has now given Ukraine two patrol boats to boost their forces against what Washington calls Russian "harassment."
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Giancarlo Fratini
l'attuale governo ucraino tira troppo la corda
Julwiez de Ghorz
The US is fond of giving junk military equipment to its so called allies.
Eric Tesson
Go get them Ukraine don't but those commies push you around
Gerard Smadja
All this 'arm rattling' is a grotesque piece of theatre with poor actors for an invented threat.
Francis Van Meerbeek
This is confidential information. Please read only if you have the required clearance.
"24 new ships are being build in Ukraine. The trees needed are harvested in Chernobyl region, as to make the ships nuclear. Special cannons will throw the heated chocolate form Petro's factory onto adversaries, they will die from liver crisis. Navigation will use a secret method, something with a magnetic needle inside. Propulsion, we mean nuclear propulsion, will be by rowing with Chernobyl oak beams. They will have a secret flat end to enhance speed."
I asked Russian authorities to buy as much chocolate from Ukraine as possible, to disarm the ships. Nato declared they did not provide the magnetic needles to Ukraine. The world is watching with fear.
Anna Luzan
I am a ukrainian and all this stuuf like yay russia is offensive The black sea belongs to ukraine not Russia 😔😔😔😔😔
Name Familyname
Slava RUSIJA, slava Ukraina, 1 народ, 1 држава !
da ne
Im sure Russia and Ukraine don't need western opinion to work together. doesn't seem like a  war but more Ukraine asserting its independence but lacking the ability to be diplomatic
Anas Mubashar
Please have peace not war from Pakistan
Robert Henderson
Ukraine is a America outhouse. Both Americans and Russia shit on it 🤣 Haha
Joss Fitzsimons
Full of false misleading information.... So I looked to who uploaded it.... RADIO FREE EUROPE! Of course.... Trying to start a war again. Ukrainian ships and navy were passing through the straight up to a few hours before they attacked with the big tug boat and two gun boats.
Берег Волги
вам санкции бля ..
Берег Волги
Обьявите нам войну , и умрите как мужчины! А то лаете как псы помойные, тьфу бля.
Берег Волги
Crimea in Russia !🇷🇺 Ukraine terrorist 👎
vulo vulo
The Ukrainian military has released video of its vessels being constantly shadowed by Russian forces in THE RUSSIAN TERRITORIAL waters near Crimea, which REUNITED WITH RUSSIA IN 2014.
facts this propaganda channel forgot to mention.
cristian moise
the biggest mistake of ukraine is to give up the nuclear arsenal
Moirangthem Bikramjit
"President Putin the Great"
Simonas Onaitis
Vik Mehl
Ich feier die Russen. Fuckn Ukraine government
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Fake Mercedes Scam in China Ukraine Seeks To Boost Forces 1 day ago   07:24

So how can a fake Mercedes actually be dangerous in China?

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