🇾🇪 Is the world failing Yemen? Special report: Yemen's children 1 day ago   25:01

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Millions of Yemenis saw an opportunity for change in 2011.
Protesters inspired by the Arab Spring demanded the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
He eventually relinquished after three decades in power, but hopes of democracy soon faded.
Four years of civil war has led to what the United Nations calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis - with famine, disease and suffering widespread.
What are the hopes for peace?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam

Hakim Almasmari - Political and military mediator, and Editor in Chief of the Yemen Post
Karl Schembri - Regional Media Adviser in the Middle East, Norwegian Refugee Council
Sama'a Al-Hamdani - Yemen political analyst, Visiting Fellow at Georgetown University

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Khalil Akbib
Le Yémen triomphera!!
Yemen? Where is that on the map of the world? Who cares!!
Another victim of Arab Spring and the illusion of democracy
Shamshad Omar
Unbelievable that the very states who claims they are the Guardian of the human rights provide all the weapons and means to the UAE and Saudis to kill and cause starvation in Yemen, so sad.
Peterorrs hooterder
Yemen starve to death Americunt humanitarian went to help Venezuela cause they got oil.hahaha
Rosee Dubois
gouvernants, criminels
The New Natives
Yes the world is failing Yemen , and usa is blocking the world from helping yemen.
RTN Somali TV
This is whats Saudi lead collation do everyday in Yemen. and this is not accept ball .
Yemen is failing Yemen.
NasH Hash
Nobody wants to help the Yemen, as it looks like there are still weapons deals with the Arabian Emirates
I noticed in these videos about Yemen that every-time they say POOR - they show clearly black people. You know that is by Jewish design.
Mario Sismar
The poor yemeni people were agoinizing the tragedy they have sacrifice due to civil war invented/suppoeryed by the US/Europe.Millions of people dont have/food/midicine and the UN body doesnt make any action to solve the problems as if they are blind/mute better UN officials should resign.
Yes we are :(
David Figueroa
Israel, Saudi Arabia, N US are litterally the ONES TO BLAME.
Gemini Sun
Yes they are. Like a neglected and abused child.
Mohd Nidal Alqadi
In Arab world we do not have countries,,,, it is just Afarms in arid regions ,,farmers are in aharry to get the production prior run out of ground water .
Inez Qtaish
INEZ Qtaish say evildoers are failing yemen because they refuse to reveal the truth publicly about what happened in inez Qtaish Illinois worker's compensation case no redactions and reveal the truth publicly about what was found in their investigation about inez Qtaish no redactions, so all people will know the truth, inez Qtaish will not take no settlement or compromise and no deal for inez Qtaish WORLD ORDER to help nobody , until inez Qtaish hear my name and the truth be reveal publicly so all people will know the truth.
Mohd Nidal Alqadi
Best news of war the End of war....
Rebuilding should be on attacker account.
dominic matur
This is different times even though the power look sweet
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Special report: Yemen's children 🇾🇪 Is the world failing Yemen? 1 day ago   06:37

WARNING: This report contains images of malnourished children

Sky's Alex Rossi travelled to Yemen, where the war is intensifying between the Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels.

Saudi Arabia leads a thirteen nation coalition trying to support the government of Yemen against Iranian backed Houthi rebels.

It is nearly four years since the coalition entered the war in Yemen and civilians have begun to flee the port city of Hodeida.

Countless children are dying from lack of food and healthcare.

Sky News met eight-year-old Anissa, who hadn’t eaten properly for over two years.

Medical staff say she weighs just over 10kg – half the average weight of someone her age.

The UN says more than 22 million people - 75% of the population - are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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