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Video shows US Army soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery, 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division test firing a experimental 15mm truck mounted howitzer named Brutus.

Brutus is an an experimental 155mm forward recoiling howitzer mounted on an FMTV ( Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles).

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Credits: SSG Michael Armstrong

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WarLeaks - Military Blog
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gave me a boner ty
дмитрий бакиров
А что та колобки ножками ещё передвигают.))))
Robert Wood
It just doesn’t look right...not for us anyway.
Heath Cliff
They are finally using the wonderful French CEASAR self-propelled 155mm design. Missing the hydraulic shell loader though.
John Dela Cruise
How many minutes to load this bad boy? How many rounds a minute?
Ben White
When y steal GLA tech as the Americans in C&C generals.
폰 에튜와르트게르드 오토 비스마르크
To be honest, that doesn't look too terrible...
It looks very mobile, it has a nice fire power, and it also seems very stabilized. I dunno, I'm not professional at these topics
couldnt they find a bigger gun?
Enrique Fuentes
It reminds me of the French howitzer, the "cesar". But I think that for a piece like that its should be more automated. It's a bit of a safety risk to have soldiers on the truck instead of the ground.
Jason Leung
Lmao just buy a CEASAR from the French
Vincent Ciccone
How easy can you put that ouf of commission
Old idea, new equipment. Armies in WW2 did this, although with AT guns...
CC 96 420
Budget Cuts.
Connor Logan A. Chavez
very nice, i would see it being a good asset in the battlefield
Hugo Morel
Finally! I feel as if the US has lagged behind in adopting truck-howitzers, they're really cool
surely the flex in the rubber tyres would make this a bit less accurate when firing?
Steve Holmes
I have been reading the comments on old and the way it looks well it doesn't matter how old or the ways that sucker drops and egg into your lap its still the same effect you are curtains as we say in England in other words you are dead lol
Jeffrey Packer
someones trying to make a buck in the Eurasian theater
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