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I let my dogs walk me for a day for today's challenge and it was hilarious! Rescue dogs Peanut and Blackjack walked their parents Matt and Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours. The brothers (not twins) started their day going into the Dollar store and went searching for dog treats. Their favorite store was Petco where they sniffed for clues and hidden snacks. Walking to Starbucks meant they got a puppucino which is their favorite treat! Finally, Matt and Rebecca took the rescue dogs on a giant inflatable waterslide for the end of this 24 hour challenge. What fun challenge should these two senior dogs do next?

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PawZam Dogs
Didn't think letting our instagrams followers control our life for a day would turn into this - https://ufl.ae/videow/4g58TEWvF4U&j=92i
Mackenzie Allen
Hi my name is Kenzie I am 7 years old
Gymnastic and Slime
Dogs walks are the best
Monica Reyna
Dog walks are the best!
Amaya Hammond
They are 7 and 11
Khloe Casillas
12 and 11
Khloe Casillas
Dogs love walking
Rihana severiano
Dog walks are the best
Sicely Galaxy
Dog walks are the best
Agnieszka Sarniak Sarniak
Flat gak 7 pinat5
Gabriella Lafferty
I don't know how old but I do know that peanut is the oldest and blackjack is the youngest

Dog walks are the best
Agnieszka Sarniak Sarniak
Dog woks are the best
Sugar playz
Dog walks are the BESTES EVER
Falicity Martinez
Peanut 11 in blackjack 7
Carlos Gonzales
Dog walk are the best!
Karla Raileanu
Dog brothers
Tiger girl
Dog Walks are the best
Kids Moore
Dog walks are the best
Lawler Bottum
Lia Murphy
Dog walks are the best and Rebecca were did you get your dogs I’m looking for one teo
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Dogs Try Weird Amazon Products I Let My DOGS Walk Me For A DAY! | Pawzam 1 day ago   10:26

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo have their dogs try weird amazon products in real life.

After we tried the Last to Leave the Circle Challenge we had uploaded Buying Our Dogs EVERYTHING they Touch we thought it was finally time to give them a treat since they donated all of the items to a local shelter. Matt and Rebecca shop on Amazon for dog products. Its like when we went to Petco and PetSmart to purchase new treats. You will not believe how our Dogs react to the amazing treats and toys. We knew we had to make a similar video for our Pets who are both a senior dog. Since they are both Senior Dogs we felt empathy and did not expect what they were about to do. I didn't know if this would be a 24 hour challenge or he would be eating everything in a matter of minutes but I knew it was going to a lot of fun!

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