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Cinderella story has a new version here!
At Fairy Tales for Kids Youtube channel Cinderella (22 million views) was one of the very first cartoon fairy tales videos with its 7:30 minutes version.
Here is the new 15 minutes version with 100% new illustrations and animations. Enjoy!

If you missed first version Cinderella :

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Anana Singor
Oh Cinderella.....The Story Teller Voice is So Goood
Agasti Muna
Codner Twins Kids Show
Beautiful stories, the twins love it 😍💖💕
Dil Limbu
Very nice stories
Assumpta Yamuragiye
Bidhu Bhusan Paul
I like her because of her beauty. Cinderella she is the beautiful girl of the world horse story book is the best but I like Cinderella story books
Wahida Rezai
Rickell Dixon
Sep mother so Ollie
Rickell Dixon
That's so mean
hira choudhury
It was the most beautiful girl
Waseem Khan
So sweet of you Cinderella
Jing Guo
I love Cinderella!
Duchess Mojisola
Dirty women
Linda Namuhezi
Hango Ndinelao
i love her gown
Rejey Narvasa
Of course I'm gonna have a very good wonderful dream at this... I really love her so much...
Rejey Narvasa
Rejey Narvasa
The stepmother and the stepsister's voice is so ugly and they're gowns is so ugly... Cinderella's gown or her beauty face were only sexy and beautiful 😍😍😍
Rejey Narvasa
Cinderella's gown is so colorful and awesome
Rejey Narvasa
I like her beauty and I love her sexy long legs
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The Red Shoes Story | Stories for Kids Cinderella Fairy Tales Bedtime 1 day ago   11:25

The Red Shoes Story | Stories for Kids | My Pingu Tv | Fairy Tales For Children | 4K UHD The Red Shoe fairy kids story,

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