SMH! Gender Reveal Goes Gender Reveals Gone Wrong 1 day ago   06:54

HOT 97
Ebro in the Morning speaks on some of the biggest fails of the day during the Congratulations You Played Yourself segment.

Today's list includes:

- Gender Reveal Goes HORRIBLY Wrong When Car Lights On Fire
- Anyone who thought Megan Rapinoe Stomped on an American Flag

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Angelo Jeffries
Ebro stupid
E. Trano
These people are so much cooler than those racist at power10douche
Having kids it’s a full time job plus your pay job makes live super stressful
Hot 97 is banned from ever speakin on cars again.😅😅😅😅
its a sydney thing lol
J.K. Roberts
Ebro: What's a burnout?

*FunkMaster Flex has entered the chat*
Mr. J1S
1st time I heard of a gender reveal I thought they were announcing they were either staying a man or becoming a woman
Lady Cheyne
It would have been great if the fucking car exploded and killed the parents. Too many goddamn idiots are procreating and nurturing the next generation of dummies 🙄
Sir Valiant III
How tf Ebro doesn't know what a burnout is?
Ricky Ricky
Retard doesn’t know what a burnout is
If your into cars it’s usually how they do it. We roll the windows down and smoke comes out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dennis Conner
Ebro sounding like a 90 yr old man at the beginning of this vid. It's time for him to retire. Huh huh what you say burnout? What's that? You whipper snappers....
Bangerz Radio
Uploaded 6 🔥🔥 beats last week, would love anyone's critiquing of them. Good or bad, it helps me as a producer. 'Preciate anyone that comes thru...
People have lost there marbles with these "creative " Gender reveals smh 😵
Stephanie Brizard
A gender reveal gone wrong is what lead to one of the Cali's stooopid people.
y u do dat?
Ebro a hater. What's wrong with being proud of becoming a father. Some people will be so happy that its a boy or a girl that they want to express there joy to the world. Ebro just Stfu U salty Bitch.
Africa in da building
They played themselves for real!
Kill Monger
Gender reveals are dumb as hell. Idiots looking for attention!!!
Turbo Moose MFG
ebro whack af for that. as a car enthusiast and a father, burnouts are everything, and its always the dream to pass that love of cars to your offspring. and yeah i didnt do a gender reveal for my child but most people nowadays have made that a big thing now.... obviously dude in Australia had a wicked built holden and was lighting them up.. more than likely a brake line broke and boom you have a fire..
detrell levert
So ain't nobody going to acknowledge at least he had a boy so he's not going to be too upset of the truck
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Gender Reveals Gone Wrong SMH! Gender Reveal Goes 1 day ago   10:08

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