3 Things You Should NEVER DO With Thermal Imaging and Its Applications 2 days ago   24:07

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USB-C provides a faster charge time and data transfer, thats why all the new androids phones are going that route..
Joseph Krug
Even in the summer, bee removal people can use thermal cameras to find the bees in the walls. They are very useful "toys" :)
jason hullihen
come on bud your building a house... your building a super insulated engineered masterpiece of insulated dwelling if you will as much as those salesman charged you for these sips if they are not insulated i would use this video two prove this super insulated theory and if they lied two you make them pay for a hole brand new stick frame..
Swamp Rat
300 US $ is about 405$CDN, too rich for my blood.
Could have bought a CAT S61 instead. I have a CAT S60, and I'm satisfied with it and has given me some nice indications at least.
David Micheletti
Please do not tell us the gender of your child until she/he is born. Life has become so over come with technical advances that it often takes the gift of surprise away from us. We have two children, the first child was a boy and when the second child was in the process of being born I just thought we had another boy being born. You see there hadn’t been a girl born in my side of the family in twenty five years. To everyone surprise a wonderful little screaming girl came out. I was over joyed!!!!!!
Because the hospital was so short handed at the time the doctor handed my daughter to me to take care of. I sat down in a chair and held her while I cried for an hour.
That was the best surprise and gift I’ve ever gotten. If you can just wait til your child is born to determine their gender. You’ll love them just the same. You will teach them about the world the same way so just let this be your gift to yourself.
I've had the SEEK thermal imager for my Iphone/pad for years
David Oyama
Thanks for demonstrating your new thermo imaging cam ! It's pretty compact and looks like it works fairing great ! I am sure you both are going to have a lot of fun using it for many things in the future ! Thanks !
OMG Bugaboo got FAT!
Hood's Homestead
You two are so funny! This video was cute. :)
Pauli Paunonen
USB-C has one main benefit compared USB-B/USB-A it supports 20V 5A charging where are the B and A only go up to 5V 2A.
The coolest video since you started this adventure! Love it!!
Has to be done at night for accurate interpretation
fantastic gadget to have fun with, thankfully all our phone charging cords are usb 'c' for the past 2 years thanks to having only android phones 😊
Karin Bernhart
Got her 🤗🤗 peanutbutter !
i can understand her👍🥴😘
🙋‍♀️greetings from Bavaria in Germany 🥨🍺
Mark Clark
Can you put it on your Drone?
My son has a phone that is supplied by the company he works for that has IR, they use it for looking for hot spots on computers and electronic equipment.
he came on a visit and I was amazed that when he pointed it at the chair I had been sitting in before he arrived showed the outline of my body and a hot spot on the floor where the cat had been laying.
Matti Virta
good can buy android too, because iphone,ibad,iOS have big scam and fail,super poor system. ower expensive and stupid peoples only buy iOS parts.
Cesar Espinoza
Just solved the biggest issue for immigrants that try to cross the border and get caught with thermal cameras 😂
Seldoon Nemar
Once you figure out the time-lapse you should record your breaker boxes. Breakers are thermal switches after all, so you can know now if circuits are getting uncomfortably warm
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Thermal Imaging and Its Applications 3 Things You Should NEVER DO With 2 days ago   06:37

What's the use of a thermal camera? There are many applications, but finding a cold spot where there's a ghost is at the bottom of the list.

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