Samsung Galaxy S10E review: Samsung Galaxy S10e Hands-On: 1 day ago   06:52

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The Samsung Galaxy S10E is the smaller variant of the S10 and S10 Plus released this month. It’s 5.8” screen spans edge-to-edge with a hole-punch camera that we’ve seen across this year’s Galaxy S10 lineup. Samsung claims the “e” stands for “essentials,” but there's a lot more to this phone than just that. In an era of giant phones getting larger, the S10E shows that smaller doesn’t have to mean worse.

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Comments 946 Comments

The Verge
What phone size is perfect for you?
Wahid Khan
Excellent review... As like you, I'm a compact phone lover. So, you've already figured out that S10e is my favourite...💗
Leigh Rich
HOT presenter!!
Christian Mendoza
The Edge Lighting is kinda buggy for me. Am I alone?
Jari Fuller
great review
Griz Ssi
Why the heck it was so big in ur hand?
Akshay Gupta
Samsung S10r
Noah On 5G
Who else thought the thumbnail said “SIDE”?
My hype for highend smartphones is over. I paid 420 Euros for my current smartphone (Galaxy S7) and I intend to keep it until it is broken. When the time comes, where I need a new smartphone, I will spend even less than 400 Euros for a phone. Less than 200 Euros also do that for me. Refurbished phones are way cheaper and still in great condition. I don't use 95% of the highend features of my phone anyway, so I will have even more money to save.
Josh Rice
S10e for sure. I'm a pretty big guy and I still struggle holding most phones comfortably.
I don't like the verge so yea
So the "e" is to the Galaxy S10 range, what the "Mini" was to the Galaxy S5 range?
greg smith
I'll pass ...still not a bargain in my books... I'll stay with my trusty 6t.
Siyanda Makhathini
She must and has to do all the reviews.
Shreyas Gowda
s8 is of same size
Since the S10e doesn't have the heart rate sensor, what is that small black square on the right side of the LED flash?
shashank bond
If Samsung uses night mode ...imagine
Excellent review! Need more reviews like this
Phrix Del Valle
It is less expensive but not cheaper
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Samsung Galaxy S10e Hands-On: Samsung Galaxy S10E review: 1 day ago   06:08

Right around this time every year, Samsung releases a pair of glamorous, high-end Galaxy devices, meant in part to set the smartphone standard for months to come. For four years now, this has been about as concrete a smartphone tradition as you'd find. Of course, some traditions don't last forever. There's the whole change-of-scenery thing going on for this announcement, but this year, Samsung's Galaxy has grown a little bigger and a little smaller. Meet the Galaxy S10e.

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