Deandre Hopkins BODY SLAMS Chiefs vs. Jaguars Week 1 Highlights 1 day ago   01:25

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Brady Brechter
Let’s all be honest, that tackle was beautiful
John Wheater
Step out side the Dome
Randy Spires
Hopkins has always been dirty, that's the way they coach them at Clemson . He should have slammed Watson for that piss pore pass.
George Gonzales
D-Hop! Next WWE star!! Old school NFL tackle!!!
Michael Stone
That would have been normal in the '70's
V Wilson
Anyone that enjoys seeing another person trying to literally physically disable the other person are despicable. Maybe it would be different if it were you or a family member. How unfeeling can you be.
Love how Hopkins is surprised by the ruling
ANN reports
Free replays
Andy Grice
He was watching too much WWE
Nikki 97
Nothing wrong with that tackle at all.... I miss real football
Antonio Mendoza
0 Tolerance....
Next in NFL , 15 yards for looking at a player in meaningful way, or each player gets 3 yards around them as a safe space . What a joke the NFL has become.
So now you cant tackle anyone too hard? NFL is a joke . I thought it was an awesome tackle, go look at 1970's NFL game footage , slot worse than this, it's why I dont watch the NFL anymore, will catch some highlights here and there but that's it, the game has been wussifeied like everything else.
Zero Percent
Oh it’s football and you can’t throw players on the ground. Bad boy! Bunch of pussy’s throw his ass on the ground again and again and again. Pussy NFL.
Kelly Conroy
Tackling too hard. What a joke.
Shane Foster
NFL players are becoming pussies with each new rule added to the game
SuperBowl XVIII
Excellent tackle
Mo City Beau
Thats not a illegal
Typical get mad cause he made a good hit, what was he supposed to do just let you go? He made the best use of your momentum. The dumfuck wouldn't have been had he just let go and flung you through the air cause all you see is that he held onto you and slammed you ,and not that letting you fly until the sidelines have been worse. Typical millionaires
Joe Bruce
The nfl ruin their own game with all these bs rules it sucks watching this barbie league so i don't watch it at all
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Chiefs vs. Jaguars Week 1 Highlights Deandre Hopkins BODY SLAMS 1 day ago   08:46

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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