Hope For Paws in Costa Rica The sheriff had to stop the train so we can save 2 days ago   14:18

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Last week we met Tony Robbins and he generously offered to match your donations up to $50,000!!! Please help us today with a small donation here: https://www.HopeForPaws.org/TonyRobbins - it all ads up, and if once we reach $50,000, Tony Robbins will match it! Come on - we can do it!!! :-)

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Lavanya Uttarkar
OMG !!!!!!! I love you guys !!!!
You always save abandoned/homeless/handicapped pets and whenever I watch your awesome videos , I become emotional and very happy because you save these pets who really need to have a happy home !!! You guys are the best !!!!!! 😍😍😘😘😘🐶🐱!!! You guys are the real heroes ❤️❤️❤️
Sun Rxses
@HopeForPaws is Gecko still up for adoption?
Minecraft Progirl
I hate how cruel people can be. Almost all of the rescues, there where tons of people. You know what those people did? Walked right by. They don’t care what happens to the dogs. I hate it when people do that. They probably think, “oh, that dog needs help!” Then they walk right by
Korah Bizzell
0:26 thumbnail 😋♥️👌
Tatiana ChavarriA
Yo soy de Costa Rica y me encantaría saber en qué parte andaban y si van a volver?
Ittu Tak
this slothis good
Jillian Wy
Sally MamaKitty
Thanks for sharing. That was AWESOME!!!
Ice cream sandwich
Joan Tandan
love the rescues, but wonder why you give the dogs such unhealthy things as cheeseburgers. It is not exactly good for their digestion.Why not lure them with more responsible dogtreats .They are not that expensive.
Madelyn Solomon
I do LOVE sloths!!!!!!!
Madelyn Solomon
the first dog was a beautiful pooch
Anika Kim Abrenica
Do you have Hope For Paws in the Philippines?
David Cooke
Another trip to Costa Rica? Good for you. But you obviously don't need my $5.
Cole Nicole
Thank you so much Hope for paws. God bless to all of you😘
Gabriela Renderos
Rosty is the star of this video jaja😍😂
moumita sweet
How could anybody become so heartless.. that they are abanded doggy.. curse wil surely come to those heartless people.
Andrea zz
Gamer 2131
🌹 wildlife 🌹
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The sheriff had to stop the train so we can save Hope For Paws in Costa Rica 2 days ago   06:04

Hulk's medical bills are very high... from torn muscles, a broken jaw and shattered teeth - this guy needed a lot of help. Please make a small donation and help us cover the cost of this rescue: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

Hulk is now in an amazing foster home, and he is waiting for a special family to adopt him. He loves other dogs, loves to play, loves belly rubs, loves good food and most of all - LOVES to SNUGGLE!!!

To adopt him, please contact our friends at: http://www.PawPrintsInTheSand.org

Thank you so much for sharing this video on your favorite social media network :-)


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