Hope For Paws in Costa Rica Christmas puppy miracle - rescuer 2 days ago   14:18

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Last week we met Tony Robbins and he generously offered to match your donations up to $50,000!!! Please help us today with a small donation here: https://www.HopeForPaws.org/TonyRobbins - it all ads up, and if once we reach $50,000, Tony Robbins will match it! Come on - we can do it!!! :-)

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Lavanya Uttarkar
OMG !!!!!!! I love you guys !!!!
You always save abandoned/homeless/handicapped pets and whenever I watch your awesome videos , I become emotional and very happy because you save these pets who really need to have a happy home !!! You guys are the best !!!!!! 😍😍😘😘😘🐶🐱!!! You guys are the real heroes ❤️❤️❤️
A Bigs
THATS a beautiful dog!
Dan Maurer
I never seen this animals move
Diane Zak
Hi! I subscribe to your channel and just donated monthly. I love ❤️ watching it! Thank you 🙏 for all you do and God bless you!
Negila Or Just Ella
Hammer is such a typical bull terrier, rolling around having a ball
Christine Stange
Phenomenal footage! Beautiful local shots! So many needed rescues of adorable pups. Wonderful! 👍💕
Summer_ Lover
Looks like moose from LaurenDiy
Seems like Hope for Paws really enjoyed yourselves in Costa Rica.
Hxertx Less
Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️ I used to live in Costa Rica and they are ALOT of strays and need homes!!
okay.bitxh XD
She’s afraid of guys ( sameee )
Star Stuff
i wish you guys could come to where me and my grandma live cuz there are mean people that just let their pets run free near the roads and they abuse them. :(
Melanie Ortiz
That dog looked so excited to be rescued
Alan Arman Autajay
Hahaha OMG the way rusty walks and runs is so cute
Sushil Bahadur
Hey there guys
I watch your vids ......... I love animals especially dogs
Can you come over to resceu a littre of pups they are very malnourished
Some great footage!
Juliana Vehill
I love you so much .
Hammer is cuteee
Zully Playz! Roblox!
1 week ago I found a kitty climbing a tree because dogs were barking at her, this part is gonna be funny. Well I went inside my house and got a broom to scare the dogs out, then I got the kitten and went inside the house with my friends I went to a store near my house and got him some dog food, and milk. But sadly I couldn't keep him :( but one of my friends is a fan of kittens so she took it! Now everyone is happy!
Gracie Reigher
OMG its moose!!!!!!
Jenny VanderPas
Such beautiful dogs! Thank you for what you do.
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Christmas puppy miracle - rescuer Hope For Paws in Costa Rica 2 days ago   13:30

Our #HopeForPaws & #YouTubeGiving campaign is coming to an end, and we really hope you will join our team today with a small donation.

I will post photo more updates on our website: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you so much to our friends at ART N' Paws for finding them loving forever homes: http://www.artnpawsanimalrescue.org/

The rescue of Linda, Stella and Falabella was challenging, it took place on a very hot day, and it was in a huge open area with many dangers all around... from cars, to the train and many coyotes in the area. Luckily, I had Loreta Frankonyte with me, and together we were able to accomplish the mission successfully.

Happy Holidays Everybody!

We will post two more videos before Christmas, so please subscribe and click on the bell so you'll get a notification ;-)




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