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Did you know that matter, can be in three forms? Solid 🔲liquid 💧and gas 💨!

We can also change from one to another, here’s how!

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Hello friends! Welcome to a new Happy learning video!

You all know that matter is what things are made of, and that it possesses two fundamental properties: it has mass, which is the quantity of matter that it has, and volume, which is the space it occupies. Well today, we re going to learn about the states that matter can be in.

Matter can be in three states: solid form, liquid form and gas form. Each one of these has its own characteristics… Let’s get to know them.

Solid state is characterised by having a fixed size and volume, although in some cases we can change its size, like with plasticine or clay. In these cases they are malleable solids.

Liquid state is characterised by having a variable size and volume. Liquids take the container’s shape, like this jug or glass.

Gas state is characterised by having a variable size and volume. In the same way that liquids take the shape of the container that’s holding them, but gases always occupy the full volume in the container.

Now we know about the three states of matter but… Do you know how we can change from one state to another?

Changes in state happen after cooling or heating matter, and there are different types: melting, solidification, evaporation and condensation.

Melting happens when matter changes from its solid form to liquid form, and happens after rising temperature. When we heat an ice cube, or we leave it at room temperature it melts and changes from solid to liquid.

solidification is the opposite change as in melting. Matter changes from liquid to solid form. It happens, when we put water in the freezer and it turns into ice. It goes from liquid to solid.

Evaporation is when matter changes from liquid to gas, after liquids are heated. For example when we boil water, it turns into water vapour. It turns from liquid into gas.

Condensation is the step from gas, to liquid, and it happens when matter, in gas state is cooled. Have you ever noticed, that when we get steamy windows or mirrors, water droplets appear? It’s produced when water vapour touches a cold surface. In that same moment, water vapour cools and turns into liquid. Easy huh?

Well, now we know the states of matter, solid, liquid, and gas!

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Why can Parrots Talk? | Educational Videos States of Matter | Educational Videos 2 days ago   01:46

💭 What Is the vocal organ which lets Parrots talk called?
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Parrots are incredible birds, listen!! Wow! This parrot is talking to us… but... no, parrots don’t actually talk, but they imitate lots of sounds, almost perfectly, including the human voice.

They achieve this because of their long round tongue and to a vocal organ they have, called syrinx. Other birds, like Quaker birds or rooks are also able to imitate a human voice, but this skill has nothing to do with the act of speaking, it’s only an imitation of sounds.

Another fun fact is that Parrots are monogamous, they form couples which last all their lives, they are very romantic. They are also the only birds who eat with their claws, they usually pick up the food with one of their claws, and with it, they bring it to their beaks to eat it!

The truth is parrots are amazing birds, don’t you think? Goodbye parrot! See you in our next Happy Learning video!

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