R. Kelly Potentially Planning To Flee R. Kelly Has Run-In With CPD At Nightclub 2 days ago   06:48

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R. Kelly studio visited by cops (00:04) ►
R. Kelly planning to flee to Africa (01:27) ►
Future comments on R. Kelly (02:07) ►
Michael Jackson ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary (03:44) ►
Wendy Williams postpones return to show (05:02) ►

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R. Kelly Planning To Flee to Africa

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He will be HIGHLY welcomed,since it seem Am don't need him or ignoring his potentials.Are you my friend simply becuz everything is going well in my life ?? that's what you are doing to him right now. people shld have close their fucken mouth and wait on the final decision from the trial.....no your mouths are soo slipery.talk talk wlking talking.,bullshit......
samantha wesley
Stop lying
Chambers Heros
How he tryna fly Africa why all this preasure on him now?
Chrisant Oluoch
Are These Angels are Speaking on Radio????
habib lubowa
let him come home 👏🏻
Corey Bryan
16 candles hahahahahahaahahahahahahahhah
Shan Smith
I laughed so hard reading the title of this video ☠️☠️
shuna shuna
Stop being twisted by polluted fake news by mean people,who is perfect of all such announcers
Vanessa Sanhá
Ooooooh if he gets his ass to Africa and misbehaves he will get his dick cut off
Kourtney Eternity
African countries have government n rules plus internet for awareness
Candle Kane
Does he have a passport? Did he get his shots?
Candi Bean
he did it hes going to paf for his sins.you dont mess with God's children.
Briana Baker
16 candles on the birthday cake?! I’m so sick of Charlarlane🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tarah Beryl Awino
Am Kenyan, we know all his shit and trust me WE DO NOT WANT HIM HERE!!!!!!
Bobby Knuckles
16 candles😂😂😂🤣
Lady de Aude
So people are just going to believe the women even though there is no evidence and none of them ever pressed chargers and still no chargers have been pressed. This is about money people wake up. Dont be naive to every story. People have to look at both sides. RKelly hasnt even had a chance to speak yet people are convicting him over a documentary made for entertainment and money. He may not be innocent but l think people are crazy to believe everything they hear just because people cry. Its not very fair. People are giving the women a platform but condemning him without even speaking to him. You better hope it never happens to you and people just believe someone. As an African l welcome his genius and talent to work with our artists and develop them. As long as he has worked through his issues here. And left this behind him... until he gets to tell his side of the story then l remain neutral. Just because they are women and l am does not mean people do not lie because they have their hearts broken. The legal age for marriage in the US is 16/17 by the way so he didnt break any laws. He just made some very bad decisions based on his own abused by a 16 year old. ...anyway RKelly has worked with people in Africa before. He is generous and talented and should be welcomed .....he may even find himself there where people are not so obsessed with media stories, money and fame. In African history we have had this issue of older men and younger women...we should not pretend we dont and its not there still. He without sin....you know the rest !
Leslie Hughes
R. Kelly's cousin defends him again Charlamagne The Goddess. https://ufl.ae/videow/SFEOEOVh4o0
KayBee Wooo
That Fucker Is Trending Shit 😤😤😤😤😬
Amarie Doe
Just popped over to say... no shit.
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R. Kelly Has Run-In With CPD At Nightclub R. Kelly Potentially Planning To Flee 2 days ago   02:51

Chicago police officers responded to a South Side nightclub where singer R. Kelly was celebrating his 52nd birthday Wednesday night, amid renewed focus on sexual abuse allegations against the R&B superstar. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports.

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