5/14/19: Pederson, Bellinger lead MLB | 2018 NLCS Highlights (LAD 1 day ago   05:08

Daily Recap: Joc Pederson cranked his 100th home run and Cody Bellinger added three RBIs, including a two-run jac,k in the Dodgers' 6-3 win

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homeless BROS
That was my husband that caught Joc Pedersons 100th homerun!!!
Edward Herrera
Season aint.over yet will gt them. Arriba Los Padres.
Dillon Tuliau
spellcheck your description bud
Ava Ryen
go Astros!
m h
All these dodger fans booing Manny are dumb AF. Don't you realize Manny staying in the NL west makes the division more competitive? Half the season is against the NL west, use your brains you imbeciles. Games against San Diego is no longer going to be easy. Farhan Zaidi went north to make the Giants more competitive, you know the team we play the Giants like 20 games a season right? I don't know about you but I want to proudly say the Dodgers won the pennant in a difficult division. The harder the opponents are, the better it is for the Dodgers come playoff time. I swear the fans going to these home games know nothing about MLB. Shape up Dodger fans!!
H Ansell
It always surprises me that Bellinger has such a static, rigid batting stance but still manages to throw so much power into his hits.
Felipe Fernandez
The dodger booing at machado for leaving for the money, he left from the orioles to the dodgers... for the money
Rudy Ruiz
Gooo dodgers!!!! Im from harbor city California 310 harbor area 4 life. But now in Phoenix az :-/
D Me
I hate it when my Yanks or Mets play Baltimore or Washington on MLB. The games are blacked-out in my area. Sucks!
Juan Pablo Salazar-Ortiz
Dude, Pederson may not have the best average but he can hit
Rey Leon DelaSelva
Goddamn, that SD announcer is comical and annoying af! Makes your ears bleed.
Kershaw outduels Padres' Paddack. Can't get the ball that up in the zone to Bellinger, good bye ball. Machado must have felt good about that deep home run in front of all the boo birds.
Kershaw is not the same dominating guy he once was a few short years ago.
Nicolaos Batalis
Dodgers 👏👏💗💗
Tom Flores
Damn it feels good to be a Dodgers fan! And im from SD. lol. But grew up a LA Fan my entire life. Thanks dad for choosing a winning team!!
Run support for your best pitchers....finally
Michael DeAngelo
I'm just here to watch paddack get rocked
Louie G.
Exactly what I hoped Kenley would do, use offspeed. His slider is pretty good.
Mikey Anglin
Jansen gets the save!! Nice blast by Manny too!
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MLB | 2018 NLCS Highlights (LAD 5/14/19: Pederson, Bellinger lead 1 day ago   21:13

The 2018 National League Championship Series.
Los Angeles Dodgers (4), Milwaukee Brewers (3)

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