Ukraine War UNCUT: UNDER FIRE Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight - Heavy 11 months ago   16:17

Patrick Lancaster
RAW War & UNEDITED: Ukraine forces opened fire on LPR positions with artillery, sniper fire, and small arms breaking Minsk agreements. We were in the LPR trenches when intense battle erupted, Here is unedited video of the point when the LPR position we were in was complete bombarded with artillery.The Ukraine War is still raging.
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John Doe
Maybe not try an invade a country that isn't yours next time?
inner circle askeri
Roket atsalar yarra yerler haaa !
Topromonboi Chavez
Now that i think about it Russia doesn’t seem so bad, really I would like to move there because fuck this political shit that’s going on in the US right now, I’ll much be better in mother land then here in California!
That’s scary
Sofie Clemmensen
I didn't even know there was a war in Ukraine
Tito Broz
In Bosnia war we was shelling by howitzers 205mm
That's so terrible,don't wish the war,it is devil thing.
Дмитрий Иванович
ukropidoras lol
Don’t know if you will see this but after watching all of vices coverage on this I am curious as to why you are in trenches with these separatist. They made this war happen with their violence beginning all the way back in 2014 when the killed anyone or beat anyone with live for Ukraine, now they are finally getting repercussions for all this violence just because they want to be part of Russia. Please explain, I am more curious because they seemed to be the most violent and the cause of this war but I may be wrong, I only know what vice covered and what I have seen with my own eyes.
Jack Hertz
Hang on. He said he's taking fire from the Ukrainians. Wtf? He's with the bad guys
Jacouille de Fripouille
Look at this journalist, lying in the way of the soldiers. Get out of there and stay home
Jacouille de Fripouille
Shitting in your pants, office boy? Weak man
Die you pro-russiancunt
Uncle Ruckus
0:09 nope nope nope nope
mokshanskoe boloto
Russian fascists kaput
I blame yeltsin
Hot Tub Hire Doncaster - Rotherham, Barnsley
Let's hope the Uk doesn't have to fight this section! let alone the battalion lol
billy biker
You know your in a poor military when your in the trench fighting and making more belts yourself either that or you've been there a dam long time lol
Step with Stef
At 12:30 that guys is High on weed :))
'Now is quiet, let's go for a smoke'
Arftul Dodger
Crazy to think this is a conflict happening in this century
And what are you doing here, on the side of russion army, you wild animal? There are a lot of russion propagandists, why are you there?
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Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight - Heavy Ukraine War UNCUT: UNDER FIRE 11 months ago   14:40

Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight - Heavy Clashes And Fighting During The Battle For Karlivka. Ukrainian Army In Heavy Intense Helmet Cam Firefight. Heavy Fighting Firefights And Clashes During The Battle For Karlivka. Reconnaissance Troops of the Ukrainian Army in battle near Karlivka. At least 25 Seperatists died during the fighting fighting near the village of Karlivka, Donetsk region. Ukrainian forces are in heavy clashes with seperatist forces to regain the control over the area. Subscribe for more frontline firefight fighting and clash war footage.

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