World War 3 Russia ‘will act’ Ukraine's teens living underground 5 months ago   03:41

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RUSSIA will boost military spending massively to reinforce its borders with former Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia should they join NATO, a Foreign Ministry official has warned.

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Wayne Wedderburn
Psalms 23;27;91;1-150 world peace
Kagbaranen Zoranen
What of if China, Turkey and Iran join Russia, what will Putin do ? 😀😀😀
All Nazism, Fascism, WW1, WW2 came from W.Europe… & most other wars created by Empire of the Evil U.S (terrorist, gangster, criminal) corp. govt. (Deep State)… WW3 will come from them… cos all they owned & controlled by the Central Banking (Zionist/Satanic) Cartels. U.S. military & NATO is their bully NAZI terrorist army… They created Nazi terrorist regime in Ukraine, Georgia...
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Ukraine's teens living underground World War 3 Russia ‘will act’ 5 months ago   23:16

The teenagers who live underground: Ukraine invested billions in infrastructure projects for the 2012 European football championships. But while the fans enjoyed the facilities, most of them didn't know that living around them - and beneath their feet - were young homeless people left on their own to survive dangerous, subterranean lives. Marcel Theroux went to Kiev to meet the children in 2012.

This episode first aired on 18/05/2012.

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