How to Make a Powerful Water Pump how to make water pump at home 2 days ago   04:27

Navin Khambhala # crazyNK
DIY : Learn how to make a water pump using hard disk, bottle, PVC pipe and metal strips. Its very simple homemade centrifugal pump show how it works.

Let's check it out website for all major details -

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Glue used in this video :

It's Physics working models for science exhibition.

Thank you for watching Crazy NK !!!!!!

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Mazlan Sayudin
just cheat this video..they use direct water from the pipe instead of the bucket ..Fake....
Interesting, but this video is poorly made, lacks detail and title is more of a click bait than what you're actually using in the video. What is the motor? What are those metal sheets you cut? What glue do you use? Sorry bro, you're getting a thumbs down from me on this one.
KIN Channel
Sungguh mantap 👉🖒
Evan Heidingsfelder
what is a hard disk dont you mean a hard drive
leo variado
Cuantas revoluciones tiene el motor
pubg lover
Entus Sumana
Impeller too big bro
You Learn Come
12 volt dc motor power house
Rafi Khan
Kha par Mileg Saman bto Mera nmbar par 6203650198 par
tarun देवांगन
नंबर 1
Exynos 7
ever heard of a 3d printer?
Lucas Flos
hola, alguno probo o hizo la prueba para saber que profundidad puede alcanzar en succión?
X Extreme
It's waste to use the Hard disk.I think you're forgot to take your brand from your mum
Muztaba Ansari
betarik to dekhate nahi ho beatarik ka name kiya hai
Excuse me, what is this plastic piece for ?
Hermógenes Elias
Vídeo sem explicação
Анатолий Зяблин
Ты бля за дураков всех держишь, как нахуй у тебя лопасти на пластилине держаться будут их оторвёт нахуй
Rakesh Nayak
Normal cd use kar lete hard drive kyu doda
Rakesh Nayak
Hard disc toda diya kitane gb ka tha
Ishak Mahamud maali.m
Crazy Nk it's nice
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how to make water pump at home How to Make a Powerful Water Pump 2 days ago   07:48

In this video I will show you how to make centrifugal water pump using 12 volt dc motor, Bicycle Spoke, copper shit etc.
#JAYDEV #WaterPump

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