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Prince Harry has visited the base of 42 Commando Royal Marines in Devon, in his role as Captain General Royal Marines. He then went to Dartmoor to meet members of the Commando Training Centre and see a recruit troop finishing their final test - the 30-mile march.

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Forces TV
Whilst presenting newly qualified Royal Marines with their green berets, Prince Harry told them: “I’m fully aware of how lucky I am to be wearing the green beret without doing what you’ve done." More on this story here:
Metro Pcs
Harry You left me behind. You had the time of your life. All those guys left me . The Wolverines. How nice. It's cool.
Metro Pcs
Now that your on this side of the hallocaust I'm in
Metro Pcs
Thanks. I'll join
Richard Todd
They earn there respect, he clearly doesn’t it was handed to him on a silver spoon
Katerina Kempb
You know, how many of all you commenters have won a green lid yourselves. Unfortunately Harry probably feels he is not inititaled to wear the lid, but he is stuck in this situation having been bestowed this honour, by his grandmother, so what do you expect. At least this boy has done time on the sand.
Hilmar Kleinschrot
The prince 🤴 serves as a reminder of what there dedication is all about ...taking the role from his grandpa 👴
Good job 👍
Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
Dave's Custom Airsoft LTD
Great if you are a royalist. Would be more impressed if he were in the rank and file, strange how all members of the Royal Family have 'the right stuff' to be officers.
AirBorN Gaming
Those handsome Joyce shnoughzes.
Let the hash through
Collin Woodard
Who let him form his beret like that wtf
cat camel
Rubbish propoganda, nothibg can do except dirt propoganda..
I really hope I am a British.....
Anonymous X
Anthony Hopkins
Harry you are a Craphat and you should never insult these Marine Commando who have earned the honour. It is the creep we have with soldiers or ex soldiers wearing of what they have never earned. Parachutist wings is a prime example of soldiers or should I say high ranking officers seemed to have a pair of wing appear on their uniforms. The Royal have no right for this honour to wear the Maroon or the Green Machine unless proven. I see Prince Andrew wearing wing on his best uniform on the balcony during a parade. We all know if you have not done P Company and parachuted, you should be allowed to wear what was called a light bulb parachute badge on the sleeve of your uniform. Don't bring our Forces down by this decline in standards. God Save the Queen.
Incredible you still have choppers in Britbongistan
Nuno Pereira
Destroy monarchy
I’m old, the OC looks about 12 years old.... Nice to see the Harry in a green lid.... But where’s Meghan, that would have been a boost post the Yomp across the moor....
someone needs to explain to me how Harry is a toy soldier? I've served in the army since 2012 so im interested in knowing how he's a toy soldier? He's served in afghan on two tours. not just with AAC as a apache gunner but also with the infantry and was attached to gurkhas rifles which had a few scraps with terry taliban with them. SO PLEASE explain HOW HARRY IS A TOY SOLDIER? two tours. One with an ELITE infantry unit as a plat comannder and then got sent home because some nobhead journalist thought it would be a great idea to tell every cunt that he was in afghan so he was FORCED to leave not that he had a choice. so if anything harry has and always WILL HAVE every inch of respect from the military. 'TOY SOLDIER' my left nut. moral of the story also think before you type otherwise you're making yourselves look stupid as fuck and a typical wannabe crow to those who have served/ currently can see through half the shit you type within a few sentences.
I really hope he lives to my own expectations as a Warrior Prince and King in the future....Today very few Royal nobility can call themselves as combat veterans in the world. This man has served in the Afghan and Iraq era as I have. I like that in every man or woman who did serve along side of me to support me or in combat supporting me as just an infantryman doing the messy business of fighting. I am just a Yank from the States. I respect him as a veteran and an equal as a combatant in his tasks when he was in active service in your British Armed Forces. I am sure he did save many American soldiers when he was in Afghanistan flying combat support missions directly or indirectly. For his service to your nation and mine. I have nothing but respect for what he has done.
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World's biggest Prince Harry Royal Marines Earn The Green 1 day ago   02:22

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex greet the crowds along Government House Drive in Melbourne as the couple carry out engagements in the Victorian capital on their tour of Australia. Prince Harry made one fan's dreams come true with a hug. Report by Moheddine Ben-Aribia.

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