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Prince Harry has visited the base of 42 Commando Royal Marines in Devon, in his role as Captain General Royal Marines. He then went to Dartmoor to meet members of the Commando Training Centre and see a recruit troop finishing their final test - the 30-mile march.

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Whilst presenting newly qualified Royal Marines with their green berets, Prince Harry told them: “I’m fully aware of how lucky I am to be wearing the green beret without doing what you’ve done." More on this story here:
Dave Hanson
Fast rope..... Too much fun...
darren smith
Will he need to know daddy is waiting in real combat
darren smith
Captain general I haven't passed commando training can I be a captain general
Dorina Calcis
Goot job marine
Harry u are a joke
Annoys me he wears the green lid & flashes. Men pay for that with blood n sweat
Chris B
Still annoys me how he wears the uniform with a scruffy beard
Я лучший
The last thing I'd want is that Rich ginger thief turning up at any event im a part of. The Royal family should be abolished.
Raihan Purboyo
I would love to see Prince Harry and King Abdullah II of Jordania training together.
Ahmad Magriby
Hay, United Kingdom, try practicing with the Indonesia military forces, experience the sensation of military training with Indonesia, already feeling the United States military exercises along with the Indonesia military, so feel the sensation 👍
Paul Wright Unchained Muscle
Just what they need another useles Rupert !
Olga Olga
Wearing the green beret without having completed RM training is a disgrace.
chris sheppard
Ginge needs to shave.
Stephen McGhee
Prince Harry - Great guy - but he should have shaved
Nicholas Davies
Prince Harry , as much as I respect you and your work with the armed forces and you are a qualified pilot ( helicopters) as the superior officer of the Royal Marines YES wear the green beret without the badge BUT not the shoulder flashes - Royal Marines Commando - you aren't ! One member of the Royal family tried and gave up - Prince Edward .
Nicholas Davies
That is fabulous - Dad (Royal Marine) 27yrs there to see his son get his green beret !
Pancho Nuts
So how come that putz gets to wear (1) a beret he has not earned, and (2) a beard that is in violation of Her Majesty's Regulations?
Pete Davis
Top men
BL Blps
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45 Commando Royal Marines before Royal Marines Earn The Green 1 day ago   03:35

Royal Marines from 45 (four five) Commando in their base in Arbroath, Scotland, before going to Afghanistan, are introduced by Ross Kemp in his latest war documentary. It is a moving scene, and discusses the political aspects of what they are about to do as well. I am currently in the application process so any advice (from actual serving or former Royal Marines) would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

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