David Letterman Looks Back Conan Tries To Contain Norm 1 day ago   04:27

The Howard Stern Show
Howard sits down with former “Late Show” host David Letterman to reflect on his groundbreaking career. Watch an extended clip from their 2017 interview exclusively on the SiriusXM app!

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Jeremy Hutton
Letterman is the GOAT of late night. Only one who comes close is Kimmel
Hugh McAloon
Dave's The Man. Period.
Dave you were the greatest.....You created late night no matter what you say.......Let's throw some watermelons off a building!!!!!!!!! You are a legend
Alanise Nicholas
i love David!
Akshay Thakur
I think one of the best guest on Letterman was "Don Rickles"
Man, when someone expresses sentiments like Dave is, I kind of wish humans lived longer. You figure a bunch of stuff out and then you get old!
Birdie D
Letterman NEEDS to do another season of his Netflix show.
Ryan Rich
Theres nothing better than when a guest got Letterman really laughing. He is the best.
I bet Pekar's google hits just experienced a bump.
Great interview. All respect and appreciation, Dave.
Never take things for granted. So many gifts, unseen.
William M.
pretty cool
Oliver Kalamata
There has never been a better late night host than Letterman.
He really does sound like a different person
Georgina Lewis
Howard is such a great interviewer!! He really gets to the soul of his guests!! Makes them reveal so much.
smalltownmoto 1
Best talk show host ever!!
Howard Stern looks noticeably better without his glasses, IMO. At least, in this video.
Ladan Bedsthree
Great interview. Never seen this but it makes me appreciate Dave more!
I miss Letterman.
Stephen Robinson
His old interviews of Peter O'toole are one of my favorite things
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Conan Tries To Contain Norm David Letterman Looks Back 1 day ago   10:19

Nobody can contain Norm, well except for Margaret Cho.

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