Bernie Sanders Talks Climate Climate Change 101 with Bill 2 days ago   05:58

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The Green Green Mountain State: Vermont’s seemingly spacey climate change goals are putting the rest of the country to shame. (Originally published December 8, 2017)

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Charles Zgela
Bernie is a filthy Commie
Beverly Evans
Bernie wants to change America into a socialist country like Cuba or Venezuela. He will say this time it will be different because Socialism always fails. I do not wish to live under a dictator. I do not want to lose the freedoms I have. I want to live in the America I grew up in. I live in the greatest country on earth. Think about what you want for your children and Grandkids. Do you wish to see them living under Socialism like Cuba. Study the history of some of the socialist countries before you vote for a socialist for president of America "The Land of the aFree."
Didi Faster
"Chinese hoax"
Jason Johnson
The sun is supposed to consume/engulf the earth in 7 billion years.  Shouldn't we get to work on that rather than focus on silly climate change issues?
Luis Naranjo Zeledón
So the lack of resources is a security threat because it will drive illegal immigration??? Guess what the solution to this threat is...
Roger didit
WOW! I couldn't have said it any better! Here's why Bolshevik Bernie and his campaign is WASHED UP!! Mary Anne Marsh: Bernie Sanders' incredible, shrinking candidacy -- why he won’t be Dem nominee
Franky Gallucci
Fake news
gillsterein 3.0
Bernie's been advocating for climate change since the 1980s. He is politically committed on the issue.
Patricia Hyland
Love this video!😍
Dustin Orvis
Minimum wage was never intended to be your full time job... get a reall job and grow the fuck up
Roger didit
Bolshevik Bernie would be for free marshmallows for all, if he thought it would get him some more votes! Only Joe the gaffe Biden beats him!! What a laugh riot.
George P
Bernie needs to go to Venezuela to explain to the people, how great socialism is.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes
#NotMeUs save the planet.
Bernie 2020! Lets get it!
Kevin Rea
💚Bernie 2020💚
Bernie 2020
RG whatup
Bernie 2020 Save the planet for the children!!
Daemon Nine
Use the revenue from all the bullshit lottery tickets to pay for your ideas. Stay out of my pocketbook!
Daemon Nine
Pfffft... your Socialist ideas are turning people off. We don't want your bullshit taxes!
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Climate Change 101 with Bill Bernie Sanders Talks Climate 2 days ago   04:10

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