GIFTING Fortnite Skins to GIRLFRIEND! Sniping Is EZ.... 2 days ago   19:03

Fortnite Battle: Royale - Gifting girlfriend Fortnite skins
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Which skin does Clare like the most? Let’s find out! 😄🙌🏻
Owen Paul
I use your support of creator
Blade Canela
Faze alia
Redhead _7654
No I have that glider and I started playing in season 6
Trisha Robynns
At 6:07 am I the only one who saw the edit and knew ali told Claire it was a ice cream
Daniel 210
That glider ain’t season 1 😂 I have it and I started season 8
can yuo gift me shogun
Mark Knight
Can you get me some skins please bro my epic name is ttv_Russell7
Linda Falcon
Alia was blushing
athziri avalos
I love you Alia
Kale Taylor
Shing Shing
Bra Pin
It’s known as the soccer skin
Amirreza Babaei
سلام علي اي من تو رو خيلي دوست دارم و بازيت بسيار عالي يه ميخواستم بدونم ميتوني يه چيزي براي من گيفت كني لطفا اسم اكانت من amirreza_king_85
okkkkkkkkkkkkk thats nice
Austin Kiselewski
A fake person does not get a girlfriend
Austin Kiselewski
Temuulen Burrows
ALi was literally typing I'm Rock hard 😂 0:56
Jack Thorpe
Can u gift the entire item shop as a give away?
Adam Dana
Jk Man
I bought the arctic assassin skin in season 3 when it first came out and the boy version is terrible
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Sniping Is EZ.... GIFTING Fortnite Skins to GIRLFRIEND! 2 days ago   10:13

skjdfasioerhsegbgsrjbaserfoia ok

Outro Song: Josh A - No Chill

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