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You might be wondering what a high school student can do to help address climate change. In his fascinating talk on his experimental research into energy independence, Dhruvik Parikh offers unique theories in the form of agricultural waste and “close-looped” systems where the waste of production can be used to fuel the next round of production creating local systems that are self-sustaining. Dhruvik also addresses concepts for community access to clean water and energy storage where whole communities work to develop their own collective renewable energy system. By examining the environmental and economic considerations of harnessing energies already available, Dhruhvik sees a future where cities can be self-sustaining and communities can thrive. Student at Henry M. Jackson High School, Mill Creek, Washington. Participant in a variety of clubs including the Technology Student Association and MIT Launch Club. Co-founded startup, Travalot, at the prestigious MIT Launch startup incubator. Managed strategy and operations for the company. Interested in finding solutions to the energy storage conundrum. Developed a novel method of biodiesel production using winery waste and engineered a membrane for redox flow batteries for superior conductivity. Is passionate about "distributed energy" and the equitable rollout of new technologies in developing countries. Well versed in Java and Python. Currently working on a deep learning approach to identify promising materials as components of redox flow batteries. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Lilly Miller
Batteries also made with fossil fuels , plastic too
Lilly Miller
Solar panels, diesel parts, all are made from and with fossil fuels...
H Rivera
OK we the individuals will be who affront the price to be energy independents and the large energy distribution systems who where made with our money troughs taxes will be used for the industries such as internet based, virtual currencies infrastructures, steel, aluminum factories as so on. I don't know Rick.
Ken Konard
What fuels do the global climate change enthusiasts intend to use for airplane fuels? It sounds like they want us to not fly.
Victor celli jr
Seeing him in Spokane
Bhupesh Shah
Druvik bhaiya you can change the whole world( Hitarth Shah)
Clear and focused
Too bad this kid was brainwashed in public schools... otherwise he would have known that 1) There is no such thing as "fossil" fuels. That term was made up by 20th century oil tycoons to make people think it's a limited resource. It isn't. (However, we are probably pumping it too fast.) Petroleum is an abiotic substance continuously created by earth's geological processes to lubricate tectonic plates. That's why, for instance, oil wells in Texas can be pumped dry, and capped decades ago; and then can be re-pumped decades later after they've "mysteriously" replenished. Google the abiotic oil theory. Google what the deepest depth on earth that fossils have been found at... then google the depths we drill for oil at. Oil wells go miles deeper than any fossils. Trust me, there are no reservoirs of dead dinosaurs laying miles below the ocean floor (lol). 2) Petroleum fuel was made obsolete over 100 years ago with free-energy produced by The Wardenclyffe Tower. And since then many, many more scientist have been murdered for their own separate inventions that produce free energy. Google Stanley Meyer and how they murdered him and why. It's a shame there is so much IGNORance in this asylum we live in. But, the question you should really be asking yourselves is this: if they continually suppress real free-energy tech, what is their ulterior motive for creating these clueless activists? Think about it.
Leon Fontius
Why doesn't this video have more views 😓
samir parikh
Awesome Dhruvik. Truely inspiring for all young students like you, Keep doing fantastic research work for world's most demanding resource requirement and help community around the world.
Furrowed Brow
Hey buddy I wrote a Healthcare Post on my G+ Channel about Aryanism and Eugenics
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Electricity Without Wires | Simon Freedom from fossil fuels 1 day ago   16:27

Conventional wisdom would suggest that grid
electricity is an essential part of national development. Yet, just as the mobile phone has largely made landlines obsolete, so distributed household solar power has the
potential to bring modern services such as lighting, TV and the Internet to some of the 1 billion people world wide that have no access to the grid.

This talk will look at the role of access to media in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa and the need for applying creative thinking to
complex challenges. It will look at a growing trend of ‘reverse innovation’ where solutions are first adopted in emerging nations that subsequently and disruptively find a market in developed nations.

Simon Bransfield-Garth is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and its use to address some of the world’s most challenging problems. Simon is CEO of Azuri Technologies, a business based in Cambridge UK that combines solar power and mobile phone technology to bring affordable renewable energy some of the 600
million individuals in sub-Saharan Africa that have no access to mains power.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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