FULL SPEECH: President Trump EMOTIONAL MOMENT: Donald Trump 1 day ago   1:06:01

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Louie Fattorusso
Keep Trump President Again
Stella Obrien
Democrats are anti-American and filled with hate trump derangement syndrome. They are only about corruption, seize of power through lies, smears, lawlessness, obstruction, racism, bigotry, violence and socialism. The democratic party needs to be abolished and many of its actors need to be eradicated at the ballot box and made to account for numerous crimes against America and humanity and put in jail.
Threatened to either attend or don’t get paid.... 🤬⚖️⛓🔒
This is the definition of mouth diarrhea, wtf is he talking about???
Joseph W
Trump needs to wake up to REAL power fuel.
If he's so hell bent on oil, understand THIS.

Crude oil is from PLANTS, NOT dinosaurs.
Grass clipping can make crude oil in 3 months...NOT MILLIONS OF YEARS.
End the lies, learn the truth.
I was watching Donald Trump on television this morning and then the wind stop blowing, but the windmills keep turning from the hot air coming out of his mouth
A cult leader and his followers.
Victor Modjeski
Those workers had to show up there,if they didn't swipe cards,and enter the Klan rally,no pay. Trump is done,hes still got the solid 30% retard support, but Americans are wakin up.
Christina Talavera
Love My President Donald J. Trump‼️🇺🇸👏
Dobbin Burkhart
"I'm proud to know I'm an American, where at least I know I'm free." If I said to my wife "I'm glad I married you because AT LEAST you can cook" she would slap me.
Martha Gillespie
God bless Donald Trump for keeping the lunatic left's insane ideology at bay.
Charles Pierce
To date, I see no one that comes close to beating Trump. However, don’t be lazy, get out and vote at appropriate time. Yeah, he is rough and tough around the edges but the man is solving problems. He loves America and doing a great job. Finally a business man running the show who understands the free market and competition which brings out the best in most instances. What he says about the three stooges is spot on. Trump the People’s President!
renay Jeffery
I am so proud to be an American but I am more proud to call MR.Trump my president I love him and he fills me with pride for my country I thank you Mr. President and am proud to call you MY PRESIDENT :)May GOD be with you
I love the Patriosm here TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
L Crom
And he's building the factories
L Crom
Why are you using mexico in the work force?
L Crom
600 white american workers will get these jobs. Why does he not sound like a president. what is going on? Something is horribly wrong. I just won't watch this mess any more. sad.
L Crom
People pull up the FBI crime statistics. Its' public record. And you will see who did the more crimes. and government does not give enough money to Urban schools in African American areas so certainly the scores will be lower. This man is nothing real. People come out of your trances.
L Crom
All white judges in the supreme court.
L Crom
We are not the number 1 energy producer in the world. That is not true. Many countrys are light years in front of us in energy, technology. And no you did not make a difference in the academy awards. These people are in a stupid trance. Get over yourself. tell the truth.
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EMOTIONAL MOMENT: Donald Trump FULL SPEECH: President Trump 1 day ago   08:08

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