Star NX-2420: Color Dot Matrix Sierra's Castle of Dr. Brain is One Dubious 2 days ago   31:28

Unboxing, setting up, and testing out a Star Micronics NX-2420 dot matrix printer! And yes, it is capable of printing in color on either single sheet printer paper or fan-fold tractor feed paper. Classic.

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Reminds me of fruit by the foot, I can't believe printer ink is making me hungry!
K.I.S.S. Data Technologies
print screen works in your dos games too for those epic screen shots of your games
Aw man... the dot matrix sound sparks all kinds of good old childhood nerd-memories. Love it! Thanks!
Those sweeeet sweeeet days of hanging out in the computer lab and the teacher letting us print gigantic 20 and 40 page hanging banners in Print Shop with bubble letters and all kinds of weird fonts... ahhh those were the days dreams were made of....bliss. ☺
trucker V
It's crazy these older printers are so simple and just work. The printers these days are complicated and don't last longer than a year before they take a shit then have the stupid rfid chips in the ink that makes you replace all ink before you can even print black even if black is full
Go into BIOS and set ECP and EPP to true , save and exit and let it reboot.
Wow, this brings back memories - I had almost the same model!

Reminds me of the crayola t-shirt transfers!
For $1000, still worth buying than Apple's monitor stand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nerd Musk
These old dot matrix printers complete with paper feed are still a very common sight at nearly every car parts store or service shop in America. Typically used with carbon paper.
Blackened Merlin
Dot matrix is still around, for multi-layer carbonless copies... recipts, bar orders, contracts and forms still need them; if you bought a car at a dealer, your sale contract was likely printed with one (wide carriage even)... I still MAKE dot matrix printheads!
Love the sound of these printers... the memorys :)
Loved the Star LC20 I had back in the day. Best printer I ever owned
Dean Prananda
Is this printer support newer operating system like Windows 7/8.1/10
Jack’s Small Workshop Vlogs, Builds, And Fun!
“Low noise level” lol not at all sounds like screaming
out of curiosity if you added black ink to the used ribbon you opened up would it work as it should?
Chuck Hutchins
I used to have one of those in the early 90's. Can't remember of I sold it or lost it in a move.
Print Screen, VERY COOL! I didn't grow up on DOS so I didn't know this. VERY, VERY cool.
Would it be posible to transfer the t-shirt tape to the new color-cartridges? Maybe you could make a whole shirt print that way!
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Sierra's Castle of Dr. Brain is One Dubious Star NX-2420: Color Dot Matrix 2 days ago   13:43

From the co-creator of Sierra's Quest For Glory games comes the original Castle of Dr. Brain from 1991 for DOS PCs! And you know it pretty quickly from the sheer quantity of puns on offer.

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