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The Englert family from south-western Germany has been making bread for 90 years, and now has five bakeries. Their biggest rivals are the industrial bakers and discount supermarkets, who sell their wares for cheap.
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I can say being a made by hand baker now for 11 years. What a small shop can offer is flexibility and variety. I can totally change what and how i do something. My oven is just a oven not part of a production line. Factories are setup to make a consistent set of few products. and retooling and adding new lines is a huge investment. If a customer comes in to my bakery and requests something special. I can usually accommodate the request in a day or 2. To top it off i can alter the style, shape, and additives at any time. A factory is inflexible.
Respect for the traditional baker 👍
Do people eat the bread as is?
Real bakers are a dying breed.
S Holdsworth
This is a very common sight in France, I absolutely love the bakery aka 'boulangerie'... we have an artisan one in the next village.  Brilliant, I eat bread every day.  Not only am I a normal body size, which flies in the face of the anti bread brigade, but my friends who visit from the rest of the world who have gluten intolerance have zero issues eating bread here.
James Cronin
Breadmaking is an art. Excellent balance in this video. There is always a tradeoff. These bakers are both artisans. Here in America, not so much. When I was growing up, the father of one of my high school friends (Steven Buccini of Richmond, VA, [deceased]).
was an engineer for AMF, (American Machine and Foundry). Steve Buccini used to tell me that his father told him "If you knew what went into Wonder Bread, you would never feed it to your children. I know, because I know what goes into it, because I design the machines that make the bread." Bread and ice cream are two products that will never cease to race to the bottom for what capitalists can chisel consumers for to make a cheaper product. "We have met the enemy and he is us." Thank you to those of you who still have the spine to make a wholesome product regardless of whether it is artisan or industrial. And may the rest of you corporatist chiselers burn in hell for an eternity.
zu viel plastic harry ;)
buzz kirschner
the world is stronger when the little guy's business is healthy
Dukky Drake
Appeal to nature is a fallacious argument, because the mere "naturalness" of something is unrelated to its positive or negative qualities. Bread making is a science not an art form, while it makes a difference how long you allow the dough to proof having a "master" baker et al touch the dough adds nothing but some extra skin cells and germs.

The concept of the artisan master is plague on civilization that has given rise to far too much pretentious hipster douchebaggery.
Nothing like a German bakery run by a family who takes pride in their products.They are all very distinctive in every fashion.
C Arnoldi
Harry bread tastes disgusting. No competition with a real bakery.
Industrial bread just can’t hold a candle to real bakery bread. The lack of crispiness of the outside is a killer criterion by itself. And the inside of industrial bread is rough and it’s always clear there’s just something wrong with how it feels in the mouth. Besides, no kid will ever let bakeries die, due to all the delicious Teilchen (pastries & co) in there, and the smell… oh the smell! Bakeries forever!!
better than peckerhead mcdonalds.
few years ago there was a confrontations of a public figure west thinking has something too do with what has been coming threw ,witch leads too our goverment not telling the public about things on thier mind 
during the volcanic activity here our bread been smelling and tasteing not as good its been wonder bread and bunny colonial shop stores for last 4 too fiver years  think that its the water supply too the factory or elements in the fields or that rains on it from ocean storms 
Ken Scherer
I want some authentic German Pumpernickel bread. All the pumpernickel bread in stores around me in Metro Atlanta have molasses. It's my understanding that real pumpernickel bread takes 18 hours to bake. The one and only German bakery that used to be near me and has recently went out of business stopped making it because it took too long to bake and no one was buying it. That makes me very sad :( Does anyone know of any videos that shows you how to make authentic German Pumpernickel bread? I want to make a video of me baking some for myself for Christmas. 
What are the ingredients dear? Why the process of fermentation information is missing?
Sadly, many run their bakerys, especially franchises, using baking mixtures they get delivered from factories. Technically it's freshly baked, but it's an industrial product somehow... The classic bakery is disappearing.
Yasir El Nimr
Truly many bakers have lost their sense in using chemicals to increase production.
Sometimes I find factory bread much better than the baker's here in Dubai.
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