MMA Community Reacts to the FASTEST KNOCKOUT STREETBEEFS CUJOE VS ALPHA 2 days ago   10:23

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UFC 239 Full Results,

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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OZIE Bozie
After that he got alot of attention
OZIE Bozie
Imagine if you paid to see this fight and its very short!
Intellect, reason&Logic Use your brain
I like ben but kneeing a watermelon is better than squeezing one
I’m afraid to go to Whole Foods, now.
Very befitting for current White House administration to wittness the brown guy decimate the white guy. #YangButtigieg2020
Please check out myjorge masvidal all knockouts compilation
petr jirkovsky
This is what you get when you mess with the wrong ones!!!#gamebred
dave latumbo
Jorge took his soul.
Adesanya had the best reaction, and it wasn't even shown.
Sean Schmucker
Why the fuck doesn’t anyone have this knee clip
Lol thompson the only one kinda disrespecting masvidal. his post basically meant he is surprised that masvidal won. but he feels he can talk that shit because he beat him.
Alfred Ver
Masvidal knocked out the trapz of Askeren.. LOL.
Money money
What a way to call it though. The man literally texted that he was going to start the fight with a flying knee. Nothing else was said but the knee and boy did he deliver. 😅
They needed Stylebenders reaction in here too! xD Jorge the G!!!
never using this again
I want a rematch
Arthur Dhillon
Good Lord. Kenny Florian was riighttt... 😮
Finally a lay and prayer got what he deserved always going for the takedown right away
I didn't know Whitaker was a Brit!! 😂 Cheerio Mate!
Was Bones in a fight,🤔?
allan Broady
Ben Askren is gonna have to quit fighting
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STREETBEEFS CUJOE VS ALPHA MMA Community Reacts to the FASTEST KNOCKOUT 2 days ago   05:13


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